A sense of peace

This afternoon my DH and I, along with our 11 week old son, Sawyer, went over to his parents house to visit with them and pick up our oldest son Samuel from an afternoon visit.  My DH parents are deaf and they have recently had a video TTY installed – very neat!  Memaw enjoyed holding on to our baby while I took Sammy for a walk through an adjacent field.  It was a lovely stroll with my nearly 3 year old as we enjoyed the wild flowers, butterflies and bees.  The curiosity of a toddler makes life more interesting and perhaps allows us to enjoy things we might pass over because of our familiarity.  I was at peace this afternoon enjoying some leisure time.  I had  hoped to be at a reception honoring a dear friends 10 years of service, but it was apparent that I needed to be with family and not drop by and rush off.