In keeping with Leisure by saying “No”

Over the past several weeks I’ve been asked to participate in serving in three areas.  Each one makes some logical sense that I could or should say “yes.”  And several years ago my response would have been “Sure – I guess I can do that”, perhaps thinking that since I was asked, I needed to rise to the occasion.  It has taken me several years and missteps to realize not all opportunities that present themselves are mine to fulfill.  After continuing to present them back to the Father to see what He thought, it was evident I was only to say “yes” to one request and to gracefully and humbly decline the other two.  Also helping in this was my husband – ah, what a lesson to learn to bring before him my opportunities so that I can get his input and feedback.  I’m glad I’ve learned to run things by him before jumping in head first – or heart first, because I enjoy serving. 

 With a 6 month old and a 3 year old, it daily becomes obvious to me that the less I have in my “boat” the better off we all are.   Goodness, I can barely keep up with my housework!   So today, I’m grateful for God’s grace to me, to know where He would have me invest my time (the bulk of which, is currently to my family) and knowing He will provide someone else in the places I said “no.” 

Incorporating leisure into my daily life is still my goal as I remain faithfully (albeit sometimes haphazardly) against all hurry.


A day of support

Last April my husband went from a Patrol Sgt. to a detective in CID.  This was a great move for us all since he had been working nights and would now work M-F days.  Today his first big case (that occurred within 5 days of him being in CID) went to trial.  We were both a little nervous about his testimony b/c we’d heard the defense attorney was not pleasant to deal with – the atty. being described as one who enjoyed arguing which is a strong-suit of Tony’s!  (He stopped showing me his DWI tapes b/c I kept fussing about him arguing with a drunk!).  My prayer today had been “Father, shut the “lion’s mouth” like you did for Daniel!”  I’m grateful to my Auntie and Mom for keeping my babies today so that I could go get my hair cut and then head to the courtroom to support my Love.  He was brilliant -and handsome, too!  What a blessing to be there to support him and pray for him.  It was difficult to hear about this case which involved the sexual assault of children and what it had done to them.  Tony had to read the statement the defendant had offered during interrogation – things like that simply should not happen!  As we walked hand in hand to the elevator for lunch all I could say with tears in my eyes was “I’m sad you have to be subjected to information like that.”  It was so painful.  I remember when he received this case what a burden it was for him.  Today when he breezed in before riding off in the sunset to teach, he told Sammy that he’d helped some children today so that hopefully a “bad boy” (terminology from COPS) would be put away.  And as I thought he would, he and Sammy embraced for a while.  Since I’ve dated my husband I’ve known he was made for this job of police work, but that doesn’t make it easy.  And so my prayer tonight is that our Heavenly Father would heal his pain from the exposure to such evil deeds and that Father would heal and mend the lives of those whose innocence was stolen.  Only God CAN do these things.  “I am still confident of this:  I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  Psalm 27:13. 

Above the lawnmower noise

When Sammy was born he had a hearing test, as all newborns do.  One of his ears didn’t pass the first time, so they retested him before we left the hospital.  Although this is normal, I was nervous b/c my in-laws are both deaf and I had some concern about our children being unable to hear.  Fortunately, Sammy passed with flying colors (as did Sawyer when he was born). However, sometime after his first birthday I began to get concerned again – I would be trying to correct him or help point him in a different direction and it was as if he wasn’t hearing me.  So I’m thinking, maybe we need to have him tested again?  It wasn’t long before I realized that he was able to hear me, but he was choosing not to listen.  The next time we were at the doctor, I mentioned something to him about it and he laughed, understanding fully what was going on.  My sweet Sammy is now 3 years old and he is challenged in the choosing to listen department.  In fact, what my Heavenly Father has been teaching me is “Choose to Listen.  Plan to obey.”   I have graciously passed this along to my son.  Today I was out mowing the yard (very unusual) and I had already told Sammy we were not going to play in the water this morning before we headed outside, so he nods his head as if understanding me and listening to me.  So I’m in the farthest corner of the yard and I see him standing at the waterhose attempting to turn the water on, so I call out his name and tell him no above the running of the lawnmower – and he looks at me and stops trying to turn the water on.  Of course, I am sure I’m shaking my head “no” to get my point across, but I am most certain that he heard me.  His hearing is quite fine.  As I was mowing and thinking about how challenging our morning had already been (before this incident) I was reminded of the scripture James 1:19 that says “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”  My son and I both err in the opposite direction, I’m afraid.  So my prayer tonight is that Sammy and I will be teachable, learn to restrain ourselves from speaking too quickly, and gain self-control of our emotions so that we do not dishonor God.  Today he and I went over this scripture – it’s brief and to the point!  He did real well reciting it – may it go down deep in his heart!

The Blessing of Leisure

Ah, today Sawyer and I slept in until 9:30amish.  This was a gift.  Our sweet Sammy had (and still is) spent the night over at his MeMe’s house.  This is the only chance I get to sleep in – I don’t do it on purpose (for to me, sleeping in is a waste of time….I’m in the process of redefining “waste of time”), but it happens.  I had scheduled a babysitter for Sawyer so that I could have lunch with my dear friend, Mary.  She and I usually get together anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on what’s going on in our lives.  Lately it has been once a month!  So it was a delight to have lunch with her and catch up on what’s going on in her life.  Webster’s defines “leisurely” as without haste; UNHURRIED.  Oh, what a blessing it was to have a leisurely lunch with a close friend.  It made getting my oil changed this afternoon (which is not normally a favorite task of mine) all the more pleasant because I had taken time for myself. 

What I like and admire about my friend Mary is that she is accepting of others wherever they are in life.  She welcomes others with open arms and makes them feel comfortable.  She’s also a “safe” person to be with; not only can I trust her with anything I tell her, but I also know she won’t judge me and she will speak the truth to me in love when needed.    She’s also a Mary Kay director so she always looks well-put together.  She inspires me to love others unconditionally, to be a good friend, and to look my best!  Thank you, my friend!  “I thank my God every time I remember you.”  Philippians 1:3

I was also blessed today with some leisurely time with my husband; to sit and visit about our week and look into each others eyes.  He knows me well and still loves me.  He is a joy to be with and I’m blessed to have him as my life-long partner.  “I thank God every time I remember you.”  Phil. 1:3. 

“Big Egg”

One morning I gave my son the choice of having scrambled or fried eggs.  He comes back with “Ma, I want big egg.”  “Big egg? ”  I say, “What is that??”  He’s not sure how to tell me, other than to repeat “Big egg, Ma.”  It finally dawns on me that “Big egg” is a hard boiled egg.  So this morning I get up (late) and it’s MDO for Sammy.  I’m wondering “Do I have time for “big egg?””  Now the Recipezaar website has become my friend.  I’ve found several wonderful recipes that have become a part of our weekly/monthly menu.  So I quickly get on their web site and look up “boiled egg,” hoping that it will tell me how long it takes to truly boil an egg, as I usually stick them on the stove and leave them boiling until it’s obvious they are done.  There are 9 recipes with “hard boiled egg” in them.  I click on the first one I find that is specifically on cooking a hard boiled egg and I am quite humored at the comment left by one person, that this was the recipe her grandmother used for making hard boiled eggs – and they had lost this recipe.  I simply thought that was funny.  I do intend on trying them (later) as the recipe suggested, but it was not meant for today.  Our eggs this morning were more categorized as soft boiled eggs, but they ate.   And by the way, I recommend having “big eggs” with a side of olive oil in a custard dish, sprinkled with celtic sea salt and pepper…..mmmmm delicious!

Slowing down the hurry in me

This is my 3rd day in a row to blog and I’m enjoying this!  I’m still working my way around this blog page and will be glad when I figure out how to add pictures.  I think tonight I finally got the time corrected for my posts.  All a learning experience.  Yes, I’m a newbie.

While working on my blog presentation I continued to go over the title of my blog – against all hurry.   When I can figure out how I got that title there back in May, I’ll probably change it to “against all hurry and worry.”  But for now, we’ll focus in on the hurry.  This is what I’ve learned this week thus far: there’s no need for me to be in a hurry.  I’m speaking to the daily ebb and flow of my life.  Emergencies might hold a different response.  Several times this week, no, let’s go back to include last week as well, I have caught myself hurrying.   When I’m in the middle of this hurrying, whether it’s to get out of the house at a certain time inorder to be somewhere on time, or even if it’s getting lunch together for me and the babes,  I’ve sense the tension building all between my shoulders to where they continue to inch towards my ears!  So I stop myself; I take  a deep breath; quickly evaluate the situation and make any adjustments needed; lower my shoulders OUT of my ears; remind myself there’s no need to hurry (my mind is still in the process of adjusting to this truth); and then I continue on in peace.  Now, this process occurs several times until I reach my “destination.”  But each time I’ve reached my destination, everthing has been OK on the other end – meaning, there was no need for me to hurry.  I’m reading something inbetween the lines of these words – perfectionism and pleasing others.  I’m not surprised they are involved in the hurry in me for I’ve known them for a while.  Yes, hurry has been causing my anxiety and it will be a process of letting the hurry go.  I’ve experienced some victory (goodness, merely acknowledging it and seeking to turn it around is progress!) and am so grateful for that.  It will not only benefit me, but also my family and those I encounter.  My hope is to carry the peace of Jesus that resides in me by the Holy Spirit to flow out of me to others so that He may be made known.  In John 14:27 Jesus said “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  And to that I say, “Amen.”


Sweet Feet

I saw my Sammy’s feet this morning as I was feeding Sawyer in the rocking chair.  I saw only his feet because Big Bear was hiding the rest of him.  When Sammy was a baby and I’d change his diaper or play with him, I would kiss his feet and call them “Sweet Feet.”  They are a little bigger now….and a little dirtier at times!  What precious feet they both have.  I enjoy watching Sawyer try to feed himself his toes – sometimes Sammy tries to help.  Sammy stumped his toe really bad last week.  Life is hard on the feet.  We sometimes ride bikes in the driveway when Sammy wakes up early and I enjoy my coffee.  He doesn’t want his shoes on in the morning…I can’t remember exactly what he says, but it’s something about “blowing out his feet.”  Sometimes what they say doesn’t make senes, but a Mom understands it anyway!

Sweet feet also reminds me of the passage in Chapter 7 of the Gospel of Luke, v.37-38, when a sinful woman stood behind Jesus at his feet with a jar of perfume.  She wept at his feet and as her tears fell, she wiped his feet with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them.  These are the same feet that were pierced for our transgressions (Ps. 22:16 and Isaiah 53:5).  These are the same feet that walked on water (John 6:19).  These are the same feet whose footstool is his enemies (Ps. 110:1 & Matt. 22:44). 

Because of His feet, my feet have been lifted out of the slimy pit and set upon a rock.  He’s given me a firm place to stand, put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to my God so that many will see and fear and put their trust in Him (Ps. 40:2).  He’s provided my feet with a lamp through the power of His Word (Ps. 119:105).  Because of Him I can safely stand and see my way through this journey.  And because of Him I, too, can have beautiful sweet feet by sharing the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His feet indeed are gloriously sweet feet.