Joyful in Hope. Or is that Soak?

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged!  It was never my intention to go, what?  3 months since I last wrote?   It’s important to me to write, so here I am!

My husband and I attended a Discipline seminar yesterday at our church.  It was titled “Love & Logic Discipline.”  I joked half-heartedly that I was looking to find a way to lovingly discipline our 3 year old, for I know there have been times I’ve disciplined him out of anger/frustration.  And that I was definately in need of some logic in the situation, for I didn’t seem to notice it on his end at time, and sometimes not on mine!  The seminar was helpful and even today I tried a different approach that did bring about disappointment on his end, but a much more peaceful result on my end (and eventually his).  So I’m reminded of Romans 12:12, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  I believe this verse is part of the key to remaining joyful through this trying time (or any, for that matter).  For I am joyfully hopeful that we are getting some things right and that God’s grace is and will indeed be at work when and where we miss that mark (and we WILL miss the mark).  That I’m patient in affliction, well, we are definately in process.   Who wants to be afflicted?   However, that is sometimes how I feel by the end of the day.  Thankgoodness my feelings aren’t what I’m leaning on (or are they sometimes??).  Faithful in prayer – I continue to invite our Heavenly Father into the situation and trust the Holy Spirit’s leading.  I confess I find it challenging to “hear” His voice in the midst of some of this “sweet” noise around here!  When I fail to invite Him to lead, I then go back to His grace.  How one can parent without God’s help is beyond my understanding. 

I must have missed the “window” for my sweet Sawyer (5 monthos old) to go down quietly (as he normally does).   I had had about all I could do today and ran out of the house for some peace and quiet, picking up my drug of choice – Diet Vanilla Coke from Sonic.  So after all was quiet in my house tonight, I took a hot bath with my “Sweet Dream Soak.”  I’ve made up a few bags of this for some folks.   Incase it might be helpful for some other worn out mom needing relief from a tired, aching body, here it is:

2 Cups of Epsom Salt

3 TBS. Baking Soda

20-25 drops of Lavendar Oil (I use the NOW brand)

Put this in a freezer baggie (nothing fancy) and shake up well.  Throw a few handfuls of mixture into a hot bath.  Enjoy!


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