“Big Egg”

One morning I gave my son the choice of having scrambled or fried eggs.  He comes back with “Ma, I want big egg.”  “Big egg? ”  I say, “What is that??”  He’s not sure how to tell me, other than to repeat “Big egg, Ma.”  It finally dawns on me that “Big egg” is a hard boiled egg.  So this morning I get up (late) and it’s MDO for Sammy.  I’m wondering “Do I have time for “big egg?””  Now the Recipezaar website has become my friend.  I’ve found several wonderful recipes that have become a part of our weekly/monthly menu.  So I quickly get on their web site and look up “boiled egg,” hoping that it will tell me how long it takes to truly boil an egg, as I usually stick them on the stove and leave them boiling until it’s obvious they are done.  There are 9 recipes with “hard boiled egg” in them.  I click on the first one I find that is specifically on cooking a hard boiled egg and I am quite humored at the comment left by one person, that this was the recipe her grandmother used for making hard boiled eggs – and they had lost this recipe.  I simply thought that was funny.  I do intend on trying them (later) as the recipe suggested, but it was not meant for today.  Our eggs this morning were more categorized as soft boiled eggs, but they ate.   And by the way, I recommend having “big eggs” with a side of olive oil in a custard dish, sprinkled with celtic sea salt and pepper…..mmmmm delicious!


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