Above the lawnmower noise

When Sammy was born he had a hearing test, as all newborns do.  One of his ears didn’t pass the first time, so they retested him before we left the hospital.  Although this is normal, I was nervous b/c my in-laws are both deaf and I had some concern about our children being unable to hear.  Fortunately, Sammy passed with flying colors (as did Sawyer when he was born). However, sometime after his first birthday I began to get concerned again – I would be trying to correct him or help point him in a different direction and it was as if he wasn’t hearing me.  So I’m thinking, maybe we need to have him tested again?  It wasn’t long before I realized that he was able to hear me, but he was choosing not to listen.  The next time we were at the doctor, I mentioned something to him about it and he laughed, understanding fully what was going on.  My sweet Sammy is now 3 years old and he is challenged in the choosing to listen department.  In fact, what my Heavenly Father has been teaching me is “Choose to Listen.  Plan to obey.”   I have graciously passed this along to my son.  Today I was out mowing the yard (very unusual) and I had already told Sammy we were not going to play in the water this morning before we headed outside, so he nods his head as if understanding me and listening to me.  So I’m in the farthest corner of the yard and I see him standing at the waterhose attempting to turn the water on, so I call out his name and tell him no above the running of the lawnmower – and he looks at me and stops trying to turn the water on.  Of course, I am sure I’m shaking my head “no” to get my point across, but I am most certain that he heard me.  His hearing is quite fine.  As I was mowing and thinking about how challenging our morning had already been (before this incident) I was reminded of the scripture James 1:19 that says “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry.”  My son and I both err in the opposite direction, I’m afraid.  So my prayer tonight is that Sammy and I will be teachable, learn to restrain ourselves from speaking too quickly, and gain self-control of our emotions so that we do not dishonor God.  Today he and I went over this scripture – it’s brief and to the point!  He did real well reciting it – may it go down deep in his heart!


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