A day of support

Last April my husband went from a Patrol Sgt. to a detective in CID.  This was a great move for us all since he had been working nights and would now work M-F days.  Today his first big case (that occurred within 5 days of him being in CID) went to trial.  We were both a little nervous about his testimony b/c we’d heard the defense attorney was not pleasant to deal with – the atty. being described as one who enjoyed arguing which is a strong-suit of Tony’s!  (He stopped showing me his DWI tapes b/c I kept fussing about him arguing with a drunk!).  My prayer today had been “Father, shut the “lion’s mouth” like you did for Daniel!”  I’m grateful to my Auntie and Mom for keeping my babies today so that I could go get my hair cut and then head to the courtroom to support my Love.  He was brilliant -and handsome, too!  What a blessing to be there to support him and pray for him.  It was difficult to hear about this case which involved the sexual assault of children and what it had done to them.  Tony had to read the statement the defendant had offered during interrogation – things like that simply should not happen!  As we walked hand in hand to the elevator for lunch all I could say with tears in my eyes was “I’m sad you have to be subjected to information like that.”  It was so painful.  I remember when he received this case what a burden it was for him.  Today when he breezed in before riding off in the sunset to teach, he told Sammy that he’d helped some children today so that hopefully a “bad boy” (terminology from COPS) would be put away.  And as I thought he would, he and Sammy embraced for a while.  Since I’ve dated my husband I’ve known he was made for this job of police work, but that doesn’t make it easy.  And so my prayer tonight is that our Heavenly Father would heal his pain from the exposure to such evil deeds and that Father would heal and mend the lives of those whose innocence was stolen.  Only God CAN do these things.  “I am still confident of this:  I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”  Psalm 27:13. 


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