In keeping with Leisure by saying “No”

Over the past several weeks I’ve been asked to participate in serving in three areas.  Each one makes some logical sense that I could or should say “yes.”  And several years ago my response would have been “Sure – I guess I can do that”, perhaps thinking that since I was asked, I needed to rise to the occasion.  It has taken me several years and missteps to realize not all opportunities that present themselves are mine to fulfill.  After continuing to present them back to the Father to see what He thought, it was evident I was only to say “yes” to one request and to gracefully and humbly decline the other two.  Also helping in this was my husband – ah, what a lesson to learn to bring before him my opportunities so that I can get his input and feedback.  I’m glad I’ve learned to run things by him before jumping in head first – or heart first, because I enjoy serving. 

 With a 6 month old and a 3 year old, it daily becomes obvious to me that the less I have in my “boat” the better off we all are.   Goodness, I can barely keep up with my housework!   So today, I’m grateful for God’s grace to me, to know where He would have me invest my time (the bulk of which, is currently to my family) and knowing He will provide someone else in the places I said “no.” 

Incorporating leisure into my daily life is still my goal as I remain faithfully (albeit sometimes haphazardly) against all hurry.


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