More to say in just one day

Tonight before leaving the bathroom, I picked up the small blue rubber snake off the floor in front of the toilet.  There was some concern that if I came to the bathroom during the night (which is a given), that I would step on it and lose much more than I wanted to!  This is the joy of having a three year old boy!

Just when I think I’m not getting it right as a mom (which in my book means taking time to PLAY – so very hard for this task-oriented woman!), I find myself on the floor with Sammy and Saw-baby and we’re introducing Sawyer to all the emergency vehicles and then some.  He gets bored (or decides he wants to play his own devised game with us) and takes off down the hall.  Thus ensues the chase of Saw-baby and Momma (as Sammy is chasing after me).  We do this MANY times because it is so thrilling and joyous to hear Saw-baby squeal with delight when his momma “catches” him!  Thank you, God, for this beautiful time with my babies!

Since in the past I seem to blog once a month, I’ll try to compose a brief list of whatnots I’ve been a part of.

1. I cross-stitched for the first time in almost a year – twice even in one week, thanks to the Charlie Brown Pumpkin show that kept my Sammy entertained (although he was quite delighted with my project)!  This craft is a beautiful pleasure to me.  I remember when a friend of ours had her first baby about 13 years ago told me she didn’t have time to stitch anymore – that was so foreign to me at the time.  Now I understand. 

2.  I’ve completed another book!  “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  What a pleasureable read!!!  Thank you God for my swing outside to sit in a read and watch my Sammy play!  Through reading God often teaches me about myself – I like this process and He used this book as a part of “slowing down the hurry in me.”  There are so many wonderful things about this book but my top 3 I can think of is 1) The italian saying “Il bel far niente” which means the beauty of doing nothing, 2) The reference made to Gili Meno Islands in Indonesia.  I’ve already looked it up on the internet and it is LOVELY.  May I please travel with my Love there someday is my prayer!  3)  Her relationship with Wayan and how the author, through her contacts, raised money to help provide this woman and her children with a permanent home.  Inspiring.

3.  There’s a mouse in my house and he’s been here WAY TOO LONG after many traps have been set.  This is bothering me and I’m about to get the shotgun and take him out! (Not really…but I’m desperate!)

4.  Our church held a “Passing of the Mantle” ceremony for our new Pastor.  What a wonderful time of celebration and excitement.  I am grateful for all God has done to bless our church.

5.  I am working on the Snacks and Snapshots with Santa committee with our Longview Mother’s Leauge. This has been a joy and I’m looking forward to December 1!  This is our annual fundraiser and proceeds will go to benefit Redemption House, a new local ministry that seeks to provide housing and other assistance to women coming out of prison. 

6.  My brother-in-law and his wife are hosting Thanksgiving since it is his 50th birthday!  He’s a great cook and is cooking cajun food (spicey is my favorite).  All I have to do is bring drinks!  Another PTL!

7.  Tony has been fishing and hunting; mostly successful at fishing, which we are glad to have a freezer full of fish!  We are able to fry fish usually on a weekly basis. (At Sammy’s MDO school they took a picture of  him as a little indian and beside it is the things he’s thankful for – His first choice was fish!)

8.  Sawyer Wayne is still not sleeping through the night.  For the most part I’ve decided to stop whining and get over it!  His smile lights up the room and I am taken with how he loves on me through his hugs, pats on my shoulder, and kisses. 

9.  I’ve had an ear issue the past two weeks – fluid in my ear and ringing.  I prefer to not take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary (which I didn’t feel was the case this time) and chose homeopathic remedies.  In this challening situation I have discovered the Neti Pot (spelling??), which in turn, Tony has discovered it.  We are HOOKED!  Why didn’t I know about this sooner???  What relief I get especially in the AM when you feel like crude first thing.  So this has become a new part of our morning and evening routine.  Today I rejoiced that I was beginning to get some hearing ability back in my right ear.  I purchased an “ear pillow” today that my mom swears by – so I’m off to try that as well!

10.  Oh, and the funny thing is I washed my face tonight with “Never a Dull Moment” face wash and followed it with moisturizer “Constant Comforter.”  This are both Origin products.  My Heavenly Father is speaking volumes to me through these two products as I use them each morning and night.  He’s got a great sense of humor….

I’m sure there’s more.  I simply wanted to blog.  Now that  I’m done I’m off to bed!

So much to be thankful for.  I praise God simply because. 


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