Medusa has briefly appeared…

My house just got quiet about 11:45pm.  To say that I probably look like Medusa with a headband this evening is humorous to think about!  Tony has just gotten over the “crude” (actually, he still has a bit left, but he’s much better) and now he has a stress fracture in his foot and needs to stay off of it for it to heal.  That makes the load rather heavy in the evenings, but I managed to run out of the house for a 45 minute respite at the store!  This also changes our plans for this weekend and I’m disappointed we won’t be traveling to Dallas so I can attend my friend’s son’s wedding and then visit with the Grissom’s in The Colony.  Nonetheless, my day was quite lovely, thank you very much!

My children along with my Mom headed out this morning to deliver meals to folks in our community, compliments of the HiWay 80 Rescue Mission.  I first came into contact with this mission when I was a probation officer and referred several of my homeless clients there.  Through my Sunday school class we have often participated in cooking and serving meals for their evening dinner.  It has always been such a joy to connect with the faces as they go through the line.   Since having small children I have not been able to participate in that way, so I was grateful for the opportunity to help in this manner.  My Sammy had his volunteer nametag on and he carried the desserts to the door, while I carried the meals.  I think he only asked one person for candy….he was a precious helper and said “Mom, this is hard work!  I’m working hard today!”  We were grateful to share in their lunchtime meal today.  Since the kids were wiped out we decided to take ours to go.  They loaded us up and gave us a beautiful pecan pie with homemade crust.  This crust was so beautiful, it looked like a ribbon all the way around – that I got the video camera out and captured Sammy saying “bake pie after pie” which is a line from one of his favorite pumpkin books.

Tony and the Kilgore Police Association delivered meals to several families today in the community.  It was interesting to share our stories and feelings at the end of the day about our experiences.  As he ran off with the camer this morning (which meant I couldn’t take it….), I realized our family was taking time today to share with others.  This is important to us and makes us grateful.  God provides in so many ways for each of us. 

We are looking forward to being with family tomorrow.   

One other thing in regards to the book I mentioned yesterday, “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It was as I was drifting off to sleep and I was thinking about why I enjoyed the book so much.  It was her style of writing that was enjoyable to me as I sense that mine could be somewhat similiar in presentation of words (if that makes any sense to anyone, including myself…) 

I must do my Neti Pot and read few lines in my new read – I already forgot the title.  Maybe tomorrow! 


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