Learning to sit down

Well, in my effort to slow down the hurry in me, I’m learning to sit and basically refuse to get up unless absolutely necessary!  This is indeed a process and with two pre-schoolers one would sometimes think it is near impossible.  This morning I was up much earlier than I intended and when my feet hit the floor at the same time as my 3 year olds, I’m in for constant movement.  I was praying awfully early for God’s grace as my morning did not start out the way I had planned or wanted.  He was faithful to provide peace and the calming of my nerves and the ending of my grumpy. 

My time to sit came at 9am when the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade came on.  This is my favorite parade and actually the only one I (try to) watch.  My dear husband (and mother) have teased me for years about watching this parade.  However, about 2 years ago Tony told me it was his great desire to take our family to NY to see the parade b/c he knew how much I would enjoy it.  And today as we sat down to watch it, he said “SOMEDAY, SOMEDAY, we are going to all go there!”  I was only able to watch about 45 minutes of it, and although it wasn’t an uninterrupted 45 minutes, I did manage to maintain my composure on the couch for most of that time.  Yea for me!

Blessed time with family today eating cajun food!  I asked my Sammy this evening what he was thankful for (to see if his list from yesterday had changed…candy was at the top of the list yesterday).  He said “Shrimp!” – he really liked the shrimp in the gumbo today – didn’t we all!!!   


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