BFK plus blessings

I’m not sure if it was a good idea or not – even at this late hour, to have taken the kids into the biggest shopping day of the year.  I do know that my motivation was this – I miss doing some things (sometimes) that I previously did before I had children, i.e., shopping the day after Thanksgiving.  Actually, no, it wasn’t the need to shop, but the desire to be out and about!  At least I had some form of restraint to not load up the kids and take them with me to the movie – another one of my past traditions BFK (before kids). 

Also, if I’d known there would be a great adjustment to the amount of sleep I’d be getting after I had kids, I can almost guarantee I would have passed on having children.  My mother bought me a sleep shirt one time that said “Nap Happy” – and that indeed sums me up in this regard; happy when she’s had a nap!  Fortunatley, I usually do get a nap when the kids go down (though not much else gets done since I do that).  It’s the night-time sleep that I lose.  For the most part, I’ve gotten over it and trust God to provide for me.  However, sometimes I slip and throw my own private tantrum.  Now you know.

 However, if I’d not had children, there are a few things on my list of favorites that I would have missed:  Sammy sprinting down the Brookshire isle  – this indeed makes me laugh just thinking about it; he doesn’t do this at Wal-mart, which is good!, hearing him say “I wuv you, mom” as he twirls my hair lying next to me in my bed, hearing him say “This is terrificious!” as he was eating something I’d made him yesterday; he had to repeat it several times for me to understand what he was saying (a combination of terrific and delicious), his excitement over making his own car carrier with all of his emergency vehicles, his kindness, gentleness and caring for his baby brother.  Goodness me, the list could go on!  Oh, and his laughter, he has a hearty laugh just like his Momma!

Now Sawyer has a smile that lights up the room!  You can tell he loves his family by the beautiful, beaming smile he gives us.  And he has always been facinated with his big brother.  I so enjoy how he pats my shoulder when I pick him up – his way of saying “Thanks, Mom!”  He’s willing to try anything food.  He’s got a precious giggle.  And his feet.  Well, I’ve simply adored both of my children’s sweet feet.  And it has always been deeply enjoyable to me to watch his endearing response to Sammy (although there are some not-so-endearing responses, as well!)

I did manage to get some shopping done yesterday, although only a little bit was for Christmas.   I prefaced the shopping experience with a visit to Kid’s Station since Sammy had earned it.  He had told his MeMe on Thanksgiving Day, “I need to go to Kid’s Station!”  We ate lunch at Fazoli’s – my thinking was spaghetti would be a good eat for my Sammy.  Sawyer quite refused his jar of chunky babyfood and insisted eating my Ragatoni something-or-another, which was wonderfully flavorful, hot (I like my food temperature hot) and cheesey!  He also enjoyed bread sticks dipped in sauce – nummy for him!  Sammy’s bowl of spaghetti with no sauce, sprinkled with parmesan cheese was quickly gone and then he was eating on mine.  I think I can safely get him the larger size next time.

My favorite goof of the day was almost turning in to the old Target location.  And my leisurely part of the day was twice taken by enjoying my iced tea after eating our lunch (this was indeed a new experience while dining out with my kiddos) and stopping for coffee at goodday books and coffee in Kilgore for some coffee to go and enjoying it in the car while the kids took a much needed nap.  After some peace and stillness I drove through the Historic neighborhood – always enjoyable to see old houses.  Then it was off to Wal-mart….Sammy was asking where were all the people and since it was about 6pm I told him they’d gone home!

Tony spent the day doing security work in Kilgore due to the shopping frenzy.  He was just as tired as we all were when he got home last night.  It was to bed for all of us ASAP!

Well, I think I’ll head back to bed now.  Maybe I’ll get a few more hours sleep and wake up a joyful mom!


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