These are a few of my favorite things….right turns and slowing down

Today was a busy day with a wrap up meeting for the Snacks and Snapshots with Santa upcoming event, and since it’s Mother’s Day Out for Sammy I am usually running errands.  It wasn’t my desire, nor intention, to be gone until time to pick him up, but alas, that was the case today.  Sawyer and I returned to Fazoli’s today for lunch and he got his own bowl of spaghetti (w/sauce) and ate it up like a bottomless pit!

Today I wasn’t always able to make “right turns” while running my errands, but normally, this is how it goes for me.  Especially traveling down the loop, I take care of everything on the right and then turn around and do it again!  For me this is easy and methodical, and it also saves time.  It got me to wondering about one of my frequent stops, the Granary.  Today I was able to turn right to get to it, but normally I’m coming from home and only left turns will get me there….well, unless I take a left off the Loop onto Bill Owens and then make a right into the parking lot.  Not much going on upstairs today, so there was room to think this through….Right turns, they are for me. 

Also, on my way to bible study last night, I was grateful to arrive in one piece.  I don’t know if it was the “holiday crazies” or what, but some people make it rather dangerous for others who are trying to get to their destination.  I was grateful for my peaceful driving – not in a hurry, and I’ll arrive when I’m suppose to.  This keeps me calm and hopefully benefits the other drivers around me.  Holiday or not, we need to respect each others lanes, thank you very much!


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