These are a few of my favorite things…a good nights sleep and children that sleep past 8am!

It’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do for a Mom!  Only up once at 4am to feed Saw-baby and he was quickly back to sleep.  But my stretch of sleep was probably for 5 hours….ah, so pleasant and so deep.  Even though it took me probably 20-30 minutes to go back to sleep after feeding, I slept hard again.  I was fairly ready to get up at 7am so I could fix Tony his lunch.

And not only a good nights sleep, but the kids slept in until 8:30am!!!  Oh, now that was a blessing to have a leisurely morning after seeing Tony off to work.  I was able to have my Cinnamon Roll flavored coffee, finish a report for our Snacks and Snapshots with Santa fundraiser, and send out several email.  AND I was able to sit down and read a devotional passage and pray!  Not that I don’t pray throughout the day, but it was nice to have this time ALONE with my Heavenly Father. 

After breakfast I had a devotional reading with the kids out of the New American Standard and began reading about the foretelling of Christ’s birth.  Sammy wanted me to read him a book and the beginning of this story was the perfect choice!  When I read bible stories to him I have him repeat certain names, locations and action verbs back to me to help him learn.  I know God is at work in His heart and look forward to seeing Him grow more in the Lord.  He is looking forward to celebrating Jesus’ birth, so we will be having a birthday celebration for Jesus.  What a joy to share Him with my children.

Well, my Sammy has found me at my computer…..I guess a sleeping late is keeping him up late and I’m ready to be “off duty!” HA! 


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