These are a few of my favorite things…a Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation Christmas Tree!

This week I stopped by a friends house and she had a lovely and meaningful “Christmas Tree” that was a fig tree branch with about 3-4 branches.  It was decorated with some green garland.  It was simply lovely – or simple and lovely.  Some day I will be able to get away with this approach!

Our home is not big –  but it is an adequate size so far.  With two young ones we could sometimes use some more space.  So that I’m still choosing a 7 foot tree surprises me, especially since I’ve tried to downsize.  Last year was my first  year to return to a real tree.  I think it was partially that I wanted Sammy to have the experience of riding the tractor through the tree farm and his Daddy “chopping” down our Christmas tree.  Last year he was quite the moody toot and the least bit interested in choosing a tree.  This year he was much more fun.  I enjoyed watching him throw the leftover cutting of a tree stump while I hunted for the “perfect” tree.  Tony stood watch over several trees for consideration so I wouldn’t loose my spot.  Truth be told, – they all begin to look the same at my age! HA!  Just pick a tree Sister!! 

I got my desire, which was to carry our tree on top of our suburban.  Another Chevy Chase moment for me.  Tony got it in and “stabbed” as he calls it – and the darn thing leans.  So I’ve called it the “leaning tower of Stone.”  Oh, but it will do.  I’m quite pleased – it’s alive and green; my Sammy had fun (plus he’s had pizza tonight -his favorite food) and Sawyer Wayne was content through it all (as usual – thanks Saw-baby!) and Daddy and I even had a few moments of peace together as we drove  home with the kiddos asleep. 


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