These are a few of my favorite things…the encouragement of a child!

As I put the lights on our mammoth tree today, my Sammy exclaimed “they’re so pretty Momma!”  as I let my inclination to wrap each branch with lights go out the window and simply zig-zag them throughout the branches instead.  When I was working at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary years ago, I was given the dubious task of decorating the student center BEFORE I left for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  And apparently this was a very important part of my job duties that failed to be communicated to me until about a few days before turkey break.  So I had a host of “elves” get me through this stressful time.  I’m almost certain I was crying as I was decorating a truely mammoth Christmas tree in the Student Center foyer.  And the lights were to be wrapped on each branch….very lovely once completed but not a fun task at the last minute.  Thus, from this experience I came to adore the beautiful lights on a tree that had been wrapped (in fact, I think I even had to wrap the tree trunk for an even more brilliant display), I transferred that to my own tree once I was married.  I quickly learned to wear gloves while doing this to a fresh Christmas tree.  ALL THAT TO SAY, I’m glad to be released from that and blessed by the joy of my child’s enjoyment of a non-wrapped tree.  Praise GOD!

I also wanted to make note that we purchased our tree at Danville Farms in Kilgore, Texas.  We have the pleasure of enjoying the fruits of this farm during the summer with their wonderful peaches and choosing our tree on their tree farm.  Thanks, Danville Farms! 

Also, during lunch today I was lead to make a simple tuna fish casserole – noodles, 1/2 can cream of mushroom soup and a handful of shredded cheese.  My kids ate it up!  I asked Sammy if it was “terrificous” (a combination of terrific and delicious).  He said it was “good”, so it wasn’t quite the level of terrificous.  However, he did give me a “Good job, Momma.”  That’s good enough for me.

Tony’s off slaying the crappie today at Lake of the Pines.  We’ll be having fish again tonight – that will put smiles on everyone’s face!


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