These are a few of my favorite things….great customer service!

I’ve been searching (as best I can..) for the “perfect” Reindeer Stocking for Sawyer.  He seems so like a Reindeer – cute and laid back, so easy going.  Few things rock his boat.  Sammy has a Snowman stocking – perfectly describes him; he’s either ready to roll or melting! 

So today I took myself (without kids) to Sharman’s Sewing Center in Longview.  What a brave adventure for those sales folks.  They were so kind.  I know little, very little, about sewing.  I can’t even seem to change the bobbin thread on mine/mother’s sewing machine.  Sad. 

So I explain what I’m looking for and am pointed in a direction of these wonderful books of sewing projects that I hope to check into later.  Beautiful.  One is of a beatitudes quilt.  I think I would enjoy that project at a later date.  Anyhow, I settle on a pre-made reindeer stocking (Cute!) that needs sewing and embeleshments.  I’m really looking forward to putting this together and will NO DOUBT need the help of my Heavenly Father (who did teach me how to paint my front porch in the most wonderful way) and I’m guessing and hoping He’s going to let my precious friend Jerrie help me out.  Binding…. how on earth does one accomplish that?  I cannot wrap my mind around it.  But I am excited about hand stitching around the reindeer and adding stitching to make it our own. 

The folks at Sharman’s were so nice, dealing with an “I don’t know, but that I want a reindeer and willing to do anything to make it a happen” kindof gal like me.  Thanks!


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