More Mousecapades of the Unashamed Mouse Family

Yes, there was actually a family of mice, three of them – a Momma, Daddy and Baby in our house.  Just in case it was family of more than three, we’ll be setting some more traps today. 

As I sat down Sunday night to read in the living room after all was quiet in the house, I heard a mouse rustling around in the kitchen (remember, Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse….except in the Stone house).  Of course, that makes me a little anxious cause I know he’s under the sink and I’m waiting for the dreaded “SNAP!” of the trap.  It doesn’t come before I finish my chapter.  Off to bed.  Sawyer was awake a few times that night and at one point I thought I heard a faint “SNAP!” in the distance.  I’m too sleepy to go check this out.

So Monday morning  I checked the mousetrap by the fridge (where one Unashamed Mouse had previously trod) and all the marshmellow was gone!  So I call Tony and give him the “Mouse report” for the morning.  When I get home from a long day of errands with the kids (we all survived, including a few of Sammy’s “throw downs” in Khol’s over “no candy is on my list today” reply), I check under the sink and Viola!  “Ding Dong, the  mouse is dead!”  Sammy and the “Exterminator” checks him out after our dinner has settled and Tony’s reply is that he’s bigger than the first.  Well, of course he is!  He’s continued to eat, what I do not know!  But this does mean that the Unashamed Mouse is still with us, b/c I know he was very small. 

So Monday night after all is quiet, except the stirring of the mouse, I hear another one under the fridge.  I can’t believe this….there are 3!  Tony sets a good trap next to the fridge….and viola!  the baby mouse is history! 

“Why my house, you three blind mice!?”  I almost resorted to getting a cat, but a trap had to do instead.  Next time I’ll post a sign on the back door, “No mouse allowed!”  Does that work like the “No Solicitor” sign on businesses?  Toot toot was certainly no help on the back patio!  She was probably cheering they got to stay inside!


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