These are a few of my favorite things…coffee

dec142007-all-676.jpgcoffee mugs and makerWhen I was pregnant with my first child coffee became one of those things on my list of “do not….”.   I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time, but Thanksgiving morning of 2003 the smell of coffee caused an unpleasant “irk” in me – “How strange!” I thought.   After having Sammy I tried to pick up the habit, but since I was nursing and he was my first, I tried to limit my consumption of caffeine (and at the time thought decaf wasn’t very good…).  

Just recently I passed on my 13 year old coffee maker to my mom since hers was on the fritz.  (Little does she know she’s getting a new one for Christmas!)  Now I’m not a big spender on coffee makers.  It doesn’t have to look fancy.  However, I do like a timer and automatic shut-off. 

To continue this post, this morning I find myself, well, actually, my children up much earlier than I anticipated considering they went to bed later.  So I’m taking some time to chill alone with a cup of my semi-favorite coffee and working on my blogs.   The reason is my semi-favorite is because I’ve combined my favorite, Bakers Treats by First Colony, Cinnamon Roll coffee, with Folger’s Breakfast Blend.  I’ve done this in order to conserve my CR coffee until I can make it back to Albertson’s for a one item purchase.  I hope I can find that silly card all the grocery stores like you to have, except of course, Walmart and Super 1. 

This coffee is a delightful treat and I usually have it in my favorite Snowman coffee cup.  I recently cleaned out my coffee mugs and have no idea what I will put it in once the holidays and flakey winter season in East Texas is gone.  Try it!  You might like it!


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