We’re wall to wall here, people!

I think in a previous post I made the statment that we had plenty of room here in our house.  I was wrong.  Add that 7 foot “Chevy Chase” leaning Christmas tree to our living room and there’s only one way in and one way out of that “box” called a living room!  It seems I have a thing for wood furniture.  Probably my enjoyment of anything wood began with my family pieces passed down to me.  I have 3-4 pieces of furnture, well, 5 now that I think about it, that I will not part with.  That leaves two pieces – well, 3, that are up for grabs.  Well, regardless, nothing is going anywhere within the next few weeks, so I’m still wall to wall.  Did I mention there’s a pack-n-play up in the living room?  This is Sawyer’s play place so it can’t come down yet.  His play place is quite helpful and since he and Sammy share a room, it allows him time to himself to play.  I believe everyone should have a place to themselves that’s all their own.  Can you tell I’m an only child and an introvert??  Anyhow, the pack-n-play works great but takes up space.  Since our plan is an “open” plan, our kitchen connects to our LR.  Sometimes I find myself going in circles just to avoid running into Sammy or Tony.  And somtimes I simply find myself going in circles regardless.  Can we knock out a wall anywhere?

Anyhow, after two weeks, maybe 3 of having this Christmas tree in our house, I’m ready for it to move on!  It is barely decorated and I have TRUELY had to leave behind the perfectionist in me on this one.  What is it about Christmas that makes us go looney -especially us ladies/mom’s responsible (are we really?) for creating the “perfect holiday?” I must let go of that.  If I turn crazy on my family (which I have, by the way, this season), it certainly doesn’t add to a peaceful holiday – ah, yes, that’s what I desire to strive for.    Now I’ve found the replacement for “perfect.”  Brilliant!  And this makes sense considering one of my favorite pieces in my kitchen is a beautiful bright plate that says “Shalom.”  My Auntie brought this back to me from the Holy Lands.   So in my quest for an outward peace and inward peace,  I can leave behind several things:  1) Sawyer’s stocking will be a substitute sock – one of Tony’s of course, because my previous plan of a quilted reindeer stocking is not complete and I refuse to send myself to crazy land to finish it the next 24 hours.  2)  It’s OK that I didn’t bake this holiday and that the cookies Sammy and I will leave for “Ole’ Saint Nick” will be from the freezer!  Trust me, he’ll love ’em! 3) That my sweet Sammy didn’t get EVERYTHING he wanted for Christmas is downright OK!  Years ago I heard wisdom of limiting the # of gifts a family gave their children to 3 each.  Well – I think this is wise.  And wiser still the older they get since the “toys” become more expensive!  and 4) It’s ok that I had to make a last minute run to Walmart – no one died!  I finally have finished my shopping!

I was sharing with Tony that I thought I’d heard the definition of Christmas one time as “Making much of Christ.”  So we asked Sammy why we celebrate Christmas and he replied “It’s baby Jesus birthday!”  YES!  Thank you for the joy of teaching him the REASON FOR THIS SEASON, and bless his MDO Teachers and Sunday School teachers for reinforcing that!  Tomorrow after lunch we will have a cupcake (storebought – another peace) birthday celebration for Jesus.  We will make much about Jesus and leave the rest behind, or rather, rest leaving unneccessary things and thoughts behind. 

 Come, let us Adore Him. 


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