On my way to leisure

Well, I didn’t expect to take 5 months to start blogging again after Christmas!  But here goes…I’m still in pursuit of daily seeking leisure and the ending of hurry!

I had the pleasure of watching a squirrel (or two..) out my kitchen window today.  He either has done some serious burying of nuts around my bird feeder, or he’s eating bird food Sammy spread out for the birds to find.  Anyway, I’ve been in love with those little critters since attending SFA in Nacogdoches.  I’m not certain I’d actually seen a squirrel prior to then.  Anyhow, I took several stops today to watch him (or her..) eat contentedly at the base of the feeder and on the ladder Sammy had left up. 

I’m still seeking leisure every day – an effort to end my constant movement since one thing leads to the next around here.  Since Sawyer has started walking my productivity level has decreased dramatically!  However, I praise God that he can walk and that I am able to run after him!

I have been reading a lot lately, so I hope to add a separate post on my book list.  I’ve also been writing to work on submitting articles and devotionals.  Not to mention I’ve been busy raising our two wonderful, awe-inspiring, kind-hearted and loving boys!  The pleasure is all mine!

Adios for now!