Making clean-up fun

The toys were beginning to take over the living room and even though the Chevy Chase Christmas tree is gone, we are still wall to wall here!  So in an effort to get some of those things back into the boys room, I instituted a Treasure Hunt – which to my delight, delighted my Sammy!  He was all on it!  Our first hunt was for everything with wheels – into the box!  Next came everything with 4 legs!  To this category we threw in toys with 2 legs – people.  Then I did a miscellaneus hunt – dare these things secretly be removed from the house??  Oh, the fun we had!  And it is obvious that my boys like to play with wheels and animals.  I’m checkin’ out some toys that could mysteriously disappear without so much as a word.  The two biggest finds of the day were Sammy’s “most favorite” car (I had no idea…) AND the “Batroller” (Sammy’s pronunciation for our TV controller).  The controller was found in the midst of many toys in the closet mess.  And we know our Sweet Sawyer Wayne was the culprit – he thinks it’s funny to run off with it!  No doubt was having his own personal pleasure of knowing where it was while daily I looked here and there for it.

So this morning at 3:30ish, both boys were crying.  I’m not sure what happened first – Sammy rolled onto the floor and woke up Sawyer, or Sawyer woke up crying and this caused Sammy to hit the floor.  Either way, I found myself in their room putting Sawyer back down.  Sammy dreamily says to me in his big-boy voice – “Momma, I knew we’d find that batroller.  That silly Sawyer Wayne.  But Momma, we didn’t find any feet. ”  I said “What?”  – “Feet, Momma.  We didn’t find any feet – like at the end of your legs.”  I almost snort-laughed!  Where did he get that???  Then he went right back to sleep.  I love it when he makes me laugh.


Defining a “walk-in closet”

Since getting married and setting up house 14 years ago this September, I have used the spare bedroom closet to hold my clothes.  When Sammy came 4 years ago he and I shared a closet, each with our own side.  (Mind you, there was much cleanout prior to that arrangement!)  So when Sawyer came in early 2007 these sweet boys get to share a room.  In January (so long ago…) I took a morning to dethrone my place in their closet (who wants Mom’s stuff in their closet??) and moved into our bedroom’s closet, moving over Tony’s things and squishing my stuff into it.  My comment to him when he got home was something like, “Well, I think you can now say we’re committed to this marriage – we’re now sharing a closet!!”  We both laughed!  

So since last week was cleaning up the master bedroom, I told Tony our only goal for the closet was to get the clothes off the floor.  He was kind enough to take up this project without me.  This is not a big closet.  But we’re making it work.  So to define “walk-in closet” in our home we would say it is:  A closet space that can be accessed by not tripping over shoes/stuff/clothes on the floor; one where the person with clothes hanging in the back can actually walk to, rather than reach for, their clothes/shoes.  NOW we have a WALK IN CLOSET.

Expanding my blueberry bakin’ goal

Well, it’s been a little over 24 hours since we picked our fresh blueberries. As we speak they are drying in pans before I stick them in the freezer….there’s a reminder, they don’t all go in the freezer yet.  It dawned on me I could make our favorite easy cobbler with some blueberries.  Then I got on recipezaar and found a tasty looking Creamy Blueberry Pie that I’m going to surprise my family with in the next 2 days.  I sure do hope we get to pick some more!

Today my BIL/SIL brought us jalapeno’s from their garden.  We absolutely LOVE making/eating jalapeno poppers.  They are the best washed down with an ice-cold-can-diet coke.  So I’ve been researching some recipes to see what else I can do with these critters.  I think I’ll share some with a neighbor – she is  Hispanic and can cook out of this world! 

My leisurely experience today was that we were not running late for church.  I was up much earlier than I wanted to be (thanks to dear Sawyer Wayne) so he and I enjoyed coffee/play time on the back patio this AM.  He was so cute – he went to get his “car” out of the grass and it was still damp with dew, so he’s tip toeing to get to it.  So I offer to help and get it for him.  Then he comes to me “Uh – Uh” looking at his feet wet with dew/grass so I sit him on my lap and clean him up.  We repeated this several times.  Thanks to Jenny in Tyler – we now have some gently used Stride Rite sandals that fit him perfect – his sweet fat feet are hard to find shoes for!

Putting things away

There is hope!  I ejected a CD from my wonderful BOSE radio/CD player and put a new one in.  THEN I put the previous CD back into it’s cover!  I can learn to put things away!  It didn’t hurt nor take too much time!  Yippee!

This past week I’ve managed to declutter some in our Master Bedroom as well as daily take 1 or two things off the bar and put it back in it’s place OR T.h.r.o.w. i.t. a.w.a.y.  Now you can see the PEACE sign on my bar along with the Holy Family I’ve left up from Christmas.

There is hope.  One thing at a time.  One day at a time.  This blesses our house…my family.

Blueberry Pickin’

This is how my day began – outside on this breezy morning, thanks to Hurricane Dolly, I’m sure.  I enjoyed my coffee in my favorite purple camp chair while Sammy rode his bike and Sawyer drove his car.  Lovely.  I like starting my day this way – easing in to it!  So we decided to go grab some doughnuts and have a breakfast picnic.
Breakfast picnic of dougnuts and water in our front yard.
Breakfast picnic of doughnuts and water in our front yard.
This is how my day ended – outside with my family picking blueberries.   A kind man in Pritchett has offered to let folks pick his blueberry patch.   It was a hard sell to my husband to go this evening.  I confess I pouted and fussed.  As usual, he’s always glad when he finishes one of my recommended excursions.  Plus, I wasn’t going on to some strangers property with the kiddos without him! 

 It was blissfully relaxing picking these berries.  Surprisingly it wasn’t hot since we went about 7pm.  My last berry picking experience was in the heat of a July 4 weekend years ago picking blackberries.  So with two kids in tow, I brought along sunscreen.  Well, I was thinking protection, but the wrong kind!  We needed some serious bug repellent!  “We got ate up!” as Sammy said.  But other than that, it was very enjoyable and relaxing.   Sammy enjoyed eating everything he picked – from the vine and off the ground!  We kept Sawyer in his stroller – poor fella just wanted out!  So we kept bribing him with blueberries – he didn’t mind!

What will I be doing with these berries?  Ah, I have a favorite Lemon Blueberry Muffin recipe – it is actually a Weight Watcher recipe.  What makes it is the Lemon juice/Sugar mixed and brushed lightly on top once they are ready.  If able, I post recipe here in case anyone is interested.

My kitchen’s clean.  Kids are asleep.  Husband’s about to snore.  Guess I better go, too.  Church tomorrow!