Blueberry Pickin’

This is how my day began – outside on this breezy morning, thanks to Hurricane Dolly, I’m sure.  I enjoyed my coffee in my favorite purple camp chair while Sammy rode his bike and Sawyer drove his car.  Lovely.  I like starting my day this way – easing in to it!  So we decided to go grab some doughnuts and have a breakfast picnic.
Breakfast picnic of dougnuts and water in our front yard.
Breakfast picnic of doughnuts and water in our front yard.
This is how my day ended – outside with my family picking blueberries.   A kind man in Pritchett has offered to let folks pick his blueberry patch.   It was a hard sell to my husband to go this evening.  I confess I pouted and fussed.  As usual, he’s always glad when he finishes one of my recommended excursions.  Plus, I wasn’t going on to some strangers property with the kiddos without him! 

 It was blissfully relaxing picking these berries.  Surprisingly it wasn’t hot since we went about 7pm.  My last berry picking experience was in the heat of a July 4 weekend years ago picking blackberries.  So with two kids in tow, I brought along sunscreen.  Well, I was thinking protection, but the wrong kind!  We needed some serious bug repellent!  “We got ate up!” as Sammy said.  But other than that, it was very enjoyable and relaxing.   Sammy enjoyed eating everything he picked – from the vine and off the ground!  We kept Sawyer in his stroller – poor fella just wanted out!  So we kept bribing him with blueberries – he didn’t mind!

What will I be doing with these berries?  Ah, I have a favorite Lemon Blueberry Muffin recipe – it is actually a Weight Watcher recipe.  What makes it is the Lemon juice/Sugar mixed and brushed lightly on top once they are ready.  If able, I post recipe here in case anyone is interested.

My kitchen’s clean.  Kids are asleep.  Husband’s about to snore.  Guess I better go, too.  Church tomorrow!


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