Defining a “walk-in closet”

Since getting married and setting up house 14 years ago this September, I have used the spare bedroom closet to hold my clothes.  When Sammy came 4 years ago he and I shared a closet, each with our own side.  (Mind you, there was much cleanout prior to that arrangement!)  So when Sawyer came in early 2007 these sweet boys get to share a room.  In January (so long ago…) I took a morning to dethrone my place in their closet (who wants Mom’s stuff in their closet??) and moved into our bedroom’s closet, moving over Tony’s things and squishing my stuff into it.  My comment to him when he got home was something like, “Well, I think you can now say we’re committed to this marriage – we’re now sharing a closet!!”  We both laughed!  

So since last week was cleaning up the master bedroom, I told Tony our only goal for the closet was to get the clothes off the floor.  He was kind enough to take up this project without me.  This is not a big closet.  But we’re making it work.  So to define “walk-in closet” in our home we would say it is:  A closet space that can be accessed by not tripping over shoes/stuff/clothes on the floor; one where the person with clothes hanging in the back can actually walk to, rather than reach for, their clothes/shoes.  NOW we have a WALK IN CLOSET.


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