Expanding my blueberry bakin’ goal

Well, it’s been a little over 24 hours since we picked our fresh blueberries. As we speak they are drying in pans before I stick them in the freezer….there’s a reminder, they don’t all go in the freezer yet.  It dawned on me I could make our favorite easy cobbler with some blueberries.  Then I got on recipezaar and found a tasty looking Creamy Blueberry Pie that I’m going to surprise my family with in the next 2 days.  I sure do hope we get to pick some more!

Today my BIL/SIL brought us jalapeno’s from their garden.  We absolutely LOVE making/eating jalapeno poppers.  They are the best washed down with an ice-cold-can-diet coke.  So I’ve been researching some recipes to see what else I can do with these critters.  I think I’ll share some with a neighbor – she is  Hispanic and can cook out of this world! 

My leisurely experience today was that we were not running late for church.  I was up much earlier than I wanted to be (thanks to dear Sawyer Wayne) so he and I enjoyed coffee/play time on the back patio this AM.  He was so cute – he went to get his “car” out of the grass and it was still damp with dew, so he’s tip toeing to get to it.  So I offer to help and get it for him.  Then he comes to me “Uh – Uh” looking at his feet wet with dew/grass so I sit him on my lap and clean him up.  We repeated this several times.  Thanks to Jenny in Tyler – we now have some gently used Stride Rite sandals that fit him perfect – his sweet fat feet are hard to find shoes for!


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