How to make pollen

Yesterday Sammy had taken a 30 minute nap in the car, so I knew nap time for him was over when we got home.  So after getting SW down for a nap, Sammy got to watch the “Bee Movie.”  When I woke up, (did I really fall asleep???), there was powder all over our area rug and coffee table in the living room.  Seeing red.   Sammy knows better than to get stuff out of the bathroom – he’d already been in trouble earlier for this same offense.  Why is this so hard to learn???  I made the mess worse by using the vaccum cleaner, so I had to get the wet/dry vac.  Sammy tried to help, but I finally sent him outside – frustrated to have to wake up from my rest time to this mess.  Really, I can do poopy diapers, barf, body fluids – whatever.  Not moved by that.  But a mess????  I just wasn’t prepared for those.  So Sammy comes back inside with “Mom, I’ve got to tell you something.”  “Yes, Son?” “Mom, I’m really sorry.”  He hugs me and I love back on him.  “Thank you, son, for your apology.  Sammy, you know better than to do this.  What happened?”  “Mom, I just wanted to be a bee and was trying to make some pollen.”  What can a Mom do but melt at the innocent look on a child’s face?  It was then  I knew he didn’t mean to cause such a mess, he wasn’t intending to be mischievious, but in his little but brilliant mind and heart, simply wanted to make pollen.

This Mom gig is truely a work in progress.  With God’s help, may I thrive – and not just survive this season of my life, regardless of what kind of mess I wake up or walk in to!  There’s still a light film of white stuff in my LR.


No time like the present…

No time like the present to realize there’s not a “perfect” time to shop with pre-schoolers.  If I’d had it my way, we’d been home by lunch time.  I knew we were off shopping today – but had anticipated it would be a short excursion.  My “easy to be with” Sawyer Wayne was not happy at all on our first stop at Old Navy.  My guess is from his pointing, facial expressions, and body language (belly stuck out and chin pulled in – you gotta see it!), he would have preferred to be roaming around the store with his big brother.  He was fairly decent after several reminders that we were doing exactly what we were suppose to be doing and he could choose joy or not.  Yes, this usually does get his attention and he pulls it together.  However, by the end of Old Navy (which was short lived), Sammy had already lost his opportunity for a lolly pop for good behavior – NOT. 

So, off to the mall.  SW still not happy to be in a stroller…so I see the “car” cart you can rent, I think, for $1, so we head back to the car to put the stroller up.  The real deal is it cost $5 to rent.  But they do take debit cards.  After some convincing, SW is good to go.  I did run across some good end of season deals.  But still no shoes for Sammy.  So, Monday he and his daddy get to go shoe shopping.  Say a prayer. 

We ate chick-fil-a and did a little more shopping.  SW had a melt-down on the way out the mall – not sure what that was about, other than it was way past his nap time since he was up at 7:30am.  After driving around the block, I circled back by McAlister’s and got me and my friend (who was next on my to-do list) a sweet tea.  I hung out for 30 minutes relaxing in the peace, drinking my tea, and making a few necessary phone calls.  Sammy had been looking forward to playing with my friend’s son, and they did have a good time. 

But this momma is tired.  I took a relaxing bath and listened to Nora Jones “Come Away with Me” CD – my all-time favorite.  The kids relaxed with their dad and I hoped to be a bit less harried (sp?) by the time I came out.  Somewhat. 

Still learning to enjoy the moments – even when they are difficult!


Today was the first day of MDO from my kiddos.  I wasn’t concerned too much about Sammy since he was familiar with his teacher from his 2 year old class.  He shed a few tears, but I knew he would be fine.  Sawyer Wayne, on the other hand, hates for Momma to go.  So after leaving him I shed some tears.  He’s so easy – I wonder if I really need to send him to MDO???  And then Sammy’s teacher was all concerned b/c he’d only be coming once a week – that he was going to miss so much!  Then I assured her he would be fine – I’m  holding him out of kindergarten until he’s 6 since he’s a late Summer baby.  Apparently that took a load (albeit unnecessary) off of her.  I’m looking forward to working with Sammy on his alphabet and writing this year, along with bible/scripture memory and character development.  It will be interesting to see what all Father leads us into.  I felt better after checking on my SW – he was doing good, but gets frustrated when they change activities.  The director called and left a message while Tony and I went to have lunch and said his teacher was so proud – he was lying on his mat taking a nap – the nap mat is new for him, so “Yea! For  Sawyer!”  Tony and are about to go pick them up  – Thursday’s after school is treat and park day, as we did before.  It will be a family affair.

Enjoyed hanging out with my Love today and having an uninterrupted conversation with him (actually, several).  All confirming Father’s instructions for the kids to be in MDO once per week. 

I accomplished very little today – but I think that was my plan anyway!

All in a few days work

Well, the past five days have been quite busy.  I’m learning to keep a pretty leisurely schedule that is very low-maintenance.  So having to be somewhere 4 days in a row was, for me, a kick into a higher gear!  So here is a re-cap:

Thursday – morning playdate at the Crum’s with her 4 children (3 of those being triplets!), and Abby Johns.  Add my two and their were 7 kids!  We had a beautiful time watching them ride trikes and play with sidewalk chalk.  Lunch was a breeze and we were able to enjoy it on their new deck.  By the time we left at 1pm, we were all pooped!  If I didn’t live just down the road from her, my kids would have been zonked out!  Us adults didn’t get to finish a conversation (I don’t remember…) but is was great just to be together.

Friday – errand day in the morning for our Longview Mothers League annual membership lunch on Saturday.  These were a breeze and I was home within an hour and 1/2.  I did plan to do some shopping for the boys that day, but have put that off until Tuesday.  After lunch Sammy and Daddy took off for a hair cut (for Sammy).  My sweet Sam wouldn’t nap later – I didn’t realize he’d fallen asleep in the car and that usually puts an end to any nap time that day!  That night we attended a “date night” at our church to watch the movie Fire Proof, have a dessert buffet, and hear some marriage enrichment speakers.  I’ll write more in a separate blog about what I learned from them.

Of all nights, my Sawyer Wayne would not go to sleep!  It was 3:30am before he was down for good and didn’t wake until 11:15am!  Which meant although I didn’t get much sleep, I did get to exit the house for the ML luncheon with ease.  Our babysitter, Katie, is Sammy’s “girlfriend” so he had been waiting for several days for me to leave the house!  Sammy had slept late as well, so I got to ease into my day.  Helpful since I am serving as our ML President this year and was a little nervous.

Saturday – annual ML Luncheon at 11am (I wanted to be there at 10am to help set-up).  We tried something new this year and took it to a restaurant.  We chose Deb’s Downtown Cafe since she is closed on Saturday’s and could devote her time to us!  It was a great time getting to see faces I’ve missed over the summer and see some new Moms come into our group. I’m looking forward to our year together.

Tony got home at 12:30, so he took over where Katie left off.  Kids had done well, so that was an answered prayer, espec. regarding Sawyer Wayne – I was a little concerned about his fussy factor!  After changing clothes and putting Sawyer down for a nap, Sammy and I headed to our church to return the podium we had borrowed for today.  He fell fast asleep, so I took a pit stop at Sonic.  I was trying to figure out if I could get away with taking a nap there! Then we headed to Walmart to pick up a few things.  I had also wanted to copy some old black and white photos I’d found of my Aunt and Mom since we were going to lunch at my Auntie’s house Sunday. 

Tony signed up to work a DWI Task force gig this night, so he was out of the house by 8:30pm.  I put us all to bed.  I think I did some reading and was fast asleep by 10:15 – my earliest bed time lately!

Sunday – I got to ease into this day, too.  I’d awakened in plenty of time to get us to church by 9:30am, but the kids were still sleeping and I was thoroughly enjoying my coffee and bible with my feet propped up.  Wow.  That was so nice.  So we went to church during late hour.  Today was promotion day for the kids, but since we were in late hour, they now have Children’s Church then.  Seeing all those (about 30-50) kids singing and jumping kinda scared my Sammy!  I wasn’t ready for that!  He and I had been talking about children’s church but, alas, I forgot the dynamics of that!  Fortunately my Pastor walked by and asked if he could help – Sammy gladly went with him and another Dad came alongside him to help.  Grateful!  Of course, my SW is still having trouble and cries a little when I drop him off.  I was praying for them both during the service!  When I picked Sammy up he was as happy as could be and really enjoyed it!  Yea!

We high-tailed it to Bodacious to pick up some lunch to take to my Auntie’s house.  She had day surgery on Monday.  It was good to visit with her and my Mom over a wonderful lunch.  They both got a kick out of the old photos I’d copied.  I hope to do some scrapbooking (some non-perfect day….) of my ancestors.

I stayed home from church tonight to rest.  My kids know when they find Mom on the couch, she must be really tired!  We hopped in bed by 9 and Tony and I watched a payperview movie. 

Sammy woke up at 12:30am needing to throw up! Yikes!  He made it to the toilet on this one, but the next 2 (every 2 hours) landed in bed.  Yuck.  Poor kid.  He kept saying “Momma, I’m so sad I’m not feeling well.”  This was what I was telling him!  “Sammy, Momma’s sad you’re not feeling well.”  So the kids were up at 6:30am and I just simply could not do that!  So I turned on cartoons, got them something to drink and some cheerios and went back to sleep!  I woke up to Sawyer Wayne’s whining – he’d gotten into my new sewing machine box and had wrapped thread around him while walking into the living room!  I could tell Sammy must be passed out – which he still is.  SW and I have eaten and now he’s in his crib asleep!  Dare I go back to bed????  I must go get those sheets started in the wash.

Well, that was a long blog. I don’t think I’ll do a long recap again.  Next time I’ll try a short one.

I did it….I cross-stitched!

Yes!  It seems amazing to me, but I pulled out my cross-stitch bag today and actually CROSS-STITCHED.  50-80 stitches, I’m guessing.  Oh, it felt so good! 

Since mentioning the “Rejoice” Angel pattern I came across yesterday, I realized I had an unfinished project that needed my attention first.  Raphael’s Angels by Leisure Arts – lovely.  I honestly cannot remember how long I’ve been working on this project.  But I was quite surprised when I took it out today how little I had left to do!  Probably another 500 1/2 stitches in the clouds, then those nasty 1/4 stitches for their eyes, then a little backstitching and I’ll have completed a project!  SO, I’m considering setting up a separate blog for my “Chronicles of Cross-stitching” to chart my progress and share my enjoyment of this craft. 

And yes, it was relaxing.  And yes, I find it a very leisurely thing to do with my time!  Yea for me for stopping to do this marvelous craft!

Embracing the yuck – REJOICE

“Trouble is a  part of life.”  This was the beginning of what my daily prayer reminder said – which I read at 5:30pm today.  I would like to have known the possibility of that this morning.  In the midst of the “trouble” I found myself in it’s possible I might have, what? avoided it – recognizing it as trouble?  Highly probable – I would have ducked!  Personally, I’ve done my best to avoid trouble – however, sometimes it does find me out!  My Mom’s statement about me is that “you don’t mess up much, but when you do, you do it big!”  However, that was not the case today.  I didn’t mess up.  Praise Him, I’m not in control, but He is.  And “trouble” that comes my way is filtered through His LOVING hands FIRST before it “hits” me.  So despite the pain of the aforementioned “trouble”, I’m seeking to embrace what Father has to offer in it, holding on to Him and His promises of LOVE for me and my family.  His purpose for the pain will be worked out for His glory.  And because of Him, I can say “Shalom.”  And perhaps He continued to speak to me as I’ve rummaged through my cross-stitch stuff today and ran across a pattern that was out of place, wondering “why is this out of the folder??” It is an angel (beautiful….I can’t wait to order the materials for her) and she’s holding a sign that says “REJOICE.”

Relinquishing perfectionism

Not only am I on my way to leisure and slowing down the hurry in me. I’m also a recovering perfectionist (GASP!).  So after my earlier post of being probably offered an opportunity to cross-stitch (and I passed it up), I realized I could apply a truth I’d been practicing the last several weeks. 

Here goes.  In the past I thought I needed to have my quiet time “quiet” so to speak – like without kids up.  LIke in the old days.  Those days are gone!  So after attending a Beth Moore simulcast and realizing my need, utter and desperate NEED to be in God’s Word EACH DAY, I’ve chosen to take my coffee on the back patio, with kids, to read my devotional and have a conversation with Father, in the midst of whatever.  This has worked – plus, my kids see me in God’s Word, which is an added benefit.  I can also talk to them about what Mom’s reading/learning/asking and thanking Father for.  This sometimes becomes their devotional time, too.

So, no I realize I can apply that to my cross-stitching!  Or sewing (I recently purchased a sewing machine!).  Kids are now a part of my life and I can’t wait until their grown to pick up the things that are “me” again.  Applying this to x-stitching will take some effort, but it will be worth it.  I can’t wait!  I’ll blog the results as they come in!