Practicing Patience, Blessings and Sweet words

This week Sammy and I began our devotional time by continuing our memorization of Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.”  And after some morning incident, I came to the conclusion we needed to work on practicing patience.  So I began this teaching segment with defining patience, “like when Momma has to wait in line at the store, or when she’s driving…” realizing mid-sentence that I did not always exhibit patience b/c of my grumbling!  Good time to repent and lean on God’s grace and forgiveness!  Thus, this has been our effort this week, to thank Father for the opportunties we would be provided to practice patience – even our dear Sawyer Wayne, who throws very few kinks in the system around here, but has become quite adament that I drop everything to get him a piece of ice for the 5th time! 

So, this morning my dear SW woke up at 6am.  It took me 20 minutes and Sammy talking almost constantly with his eyes shut, that most unfortunate, we were all getting up.  It was easy to get into a funk about this – so I began to speak Truth to myself – this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!  And even calling upon my Heavenly Father for help with my attitude His response was simple – choose this day whom you will serve.  I could choose to serve myself and my nasty attitude – or, I could trust Him with my day, my energy, my needs, my children’s need for more sleep, etc.  So I chose Him.  When daylight broke me and the boys went out on the back patio so I could enjoy my coffee and devotional reading – I knew when I picked it up it was going to address something pertinent.  I was glad to share with Sammy that Mom’s devotional reading was on PATIENCE!  And I realized that I was being tested by God in this area so that His Work could continue and be made complete in me.  I love how personal He gets. 

Today I needed to meet with some friends over a devotional writing ministry for our children’s Sunday school teachers.  I chose Chick-fil-a for the meeting place since I would have the kids, hoping this would allow them to play and me “meet.”  I sincerely expected them to take a power nap on the way there – but no such thing.  I couldn’t believe it!  So SW was at his crankiest – refusing to even leave my arms for about 20 minutes.  I was fortunate not to lose my blouse – he had such a death grip!  Finally after a snack and seeing Sammy having fun, he toddled off in there and enjoyed himself.  But the cool thing about meeting at chick-fil-a was that it was a REWARD for my sweet Sammy from Father.  Sweet Sam has had some going-to-bed issues lately that have made me cross-eyed at times.  Yet Father reminded me what a beautiful big brother he is – patient, loving, helpful, kind, encouraging – to our sweet SW.  And last week he kept asking to go to CFA but I had said no.  So it was a joy to see my Sammy enjoy his reward and to cheer him on for his goodness to his baby brother and how this pleases his daddy and I, along with his Heavenly Father. 

After an hour and 1/2 at CFA, I was done with my testing of patience!  I was elated when nap time came for us ALL!

So most nights when I’m putting Sammy to bed I’ll ask him what his favorite thing about today was.  And I couldn’t believe what he said tonight – “spending time with you, Mom.  But you didn’t get to play at chick-fil-a!”  I laughed!  After nap time he and I made a dessert to celebrate the end of Baseball security for Tony – now we have our daddy back home in the evenings!  And then he helped me take off the cabinet doors of our island – one is broke, so I thought why  not take them both off!  Perhaps I got the good nod tonight because I let him use a tool!!!  Ah, but really, he is such a beautiful blessing and I keep trying to listen to Father and make the most of my time with both of them. 

My kitchen is dirty but I’ve been reading a book I’ve gotten hooked on.  It’s feast or famine.


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