Mom’s Time Out

Tonight was “Mom’s Time Out” and I was so elated to go!  We’ve had a great week, but I’m always glad to have time away.  As I remind Sammy, “it’s so I can come home and be a nicer Momma.  Don’t you want Momma to be nicer?” Sometimes his answer has been “No!”  Tonight was one of those nights that neither of the boys wanted me to leave – which I’m sure made Tony wish I’d have mercy on him and cancel my night out!  Alas, I ran out the door!

I’ve been so blessed these last 2 years to be involved with our local Mother’s League.  I was invited back then by a church friend, and after praying about it realized it was something I needed – to connect with other Mom’s with kids my age.  Although my Sunday school class provided wonderful relationships, none of them included women with kids my age.  So this group has been a beautiful blessing to me.   Everytime I’ve been with them I always leave glad that I had spent my time with them, realizing I’m “normal” and so are my kids!  So tonight I got to hang out and have fun at Chili’s with two gals from this group.  We had great appetizers and desserts, as well as shared more of our lives and laughed, laughed and laughed. 

Everyone was glad when I arrived home!  I guess that’s the way it should be!


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