Loving that cool weather!

I don’t know how to start a day better than with a breeze….and a cup of coffee, of course.  That’s how things began today, along with sleeping in late – what a gift!  I had thought we would be out the door to do some shopping/errands today.  Instead, we all got up, had strange breakfasts again (cheese sticks/fruit/toast w/peanut butter) and went outside, which is where we had most of our breakfast.  I’m just lovin’ this child’s picnic table I bought 2nd hand!  And so are the boys! 

It was such a nice day today that I spent nap time outside in my chair with my bible and devotional.  And after some reading and prayer time had the most amazing thought of just sitting….and not doing….like, not even thinking about what I should be doing instead of sitting.  I think I lasted about 5 minutes.  Old habits die hard. 

Since I’d done some prep work for dinner during nap time, we were able to go and enjoy the upgraded Penick Park.  We had a great time.  Fortunately they left up the old porch-like swing – so wise of them.  It needs some WD40, but otherwise it’s the best thing for a Momma.  Sammy had a great time riding his bike down the hill – he was actually trying this hill for the first time and I was afraid he was going to bust it, but he hung on.  I love to hear his “Wheeeeeee”‘s as he rides this trail.  Love it.  Love it. Love it.  And he climbed to the top of this giant monkey bar – a first for him.  I was glad I brought the camera b/c I like to capture him doing something new.  Sawyer Wayne played “pee-pie” with me through the tunnel peep holes.  Gosh, he is beautiful!  That’s God’s deal!  Sammy was delighted to have some kids to play with and I was so blessed they were so kind to him.  He just loves being with people – playing.  Not all are so willing, so it’s a great blessing when they do. 

Tomorrow starts a busy time for me for about the next week.  I’ll have to pray to hold on as I wrap up some things for our Mother’s League lunch and begin devotional writing for our church’s children’s teachers.  God is faithful and He will provide the sanity/ideas/help/resources/people/peace ETC as I trust in Him.  All EYES on HIM!  Otherwise I’d sink.  Isn’t that what happened to Peter?  He took his eyes off Jesus and he sank!  Thank you, Peter – you great man of faith!  I can learn from you!



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