No complaints…but

I really lead a rather charmed life.  In fact, one day I stuck a note in my husband’s lunch bag that thanked him for allowing me to lead such a “charmed” life.  That word was not mine ’cause I never use it – that was Father’s definition of my life.  Now, this doesn’t mean that things are easy on my end, or that I’m easy (I’m so not, but striving…), that my children are easy, marriage easy, my house is cleaned.  No.  that’s not what that means.  Perhaps it’s a covering of blessings from Father – pure grace, no doubt, for I have not earned it.  This will take more time to find an answer.

All that musing to say, I shouldn’t complain….but…I don’t like how my day started.  My SW woke up at 6:20am and after 7 minutes of wailing – and then a cry that I KNEW I needed to respond to, we were up.  Now this AM I needed (perhaps wanted is a better word) some time to gather my thoughts for a brief blurb I was to share at a Children’s sunday school teacher training today.  And since I like to take every opportunity possible to encourage others in their walk with Christ, I wanted it to be just so, ya know???  But no.  No real time to gather those thoughts this AM.  ALthough I had gathered a few the day before and Father kept reminding me about my towel purchasing experience (a story for another day if it is not already blogged). 

So I did what I only knew to do to thrive in the moment – I got dressed, put my clothes on, made coffee and gathered the kids up to go get donuts.  Yes, it was another breezy morning – great for a donut picnic on the back porch.  Sammy was not as amicable as usual – meaning he didn’t leave me much to my thoughts or time to read my bible.  Usually he’s quite cooperative.  Fortunately, after dropping off the kids and having some quiet time on the way to the church, I arrived early and was able to look up some scriptures to share.

Now I’m really about to be in trouble cause the kids are asleep!!!  ASLEEP!  I fell asleep on the couch – Sammy came and jumped on me when his movie ended, and after seeing I was grumpy he retreated to Tony’s chair and fell asleep, I continued to sleep and SW has not made a peep!  This is bad.  Really bad.  I think we’ll have to go to the track tonight for an hour and wear them out!!!

But we’re having fish tonight and all I have to do is start cooking NOW!

So now I’ve returned after a wonderful meal of jalapeno poppers/fish/fries/cole slaw and watermelon for dessert.  Tony took charge of SW and Sammy I got outside and cleaned out the car, swept the carport and porch and he got to ride his bike some.  He had a small meltdown when I gave him his pirate hat from registering him today for Kidgets at the mall.  Hold on!  This is not going to be an easy night!  See, a charmed life doesn’t mean an easy life!


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