Invitations to Relax

I’m quite humbled at my Heavenly Father’s prompting through my children.  And beyond that grateful to notice His presence among us in the ordinariness of our day. 

While I was getting some Mother’s League emails taken care of this AM, I heard something dragging through the hall….and decided to ignore it since wild laughter or hurtful crying wasn’t included.  After I finished and came out of the office I went to inspect what that could possibly be.  In the middle of the living room was my Homedics massager that does wonders for my sore/tense shoulders.  I laughed and looked at SW (the culprit) and said “Thank you!  I do indeed need to use that today and appreciate the reminder!” 

Later I was back in the office – with children, and my Sammy drags out my Yoga mat from the closet and says “Come on, Mom! Let’s go do some Yogo!”  He’s getting the snack “Yogos” and “Yoga” exercise confused!  Nonetheless, the message was clear!  So he rolled out the mat – I put on some Giam music perfect for relaxing and yoga, and the 3 of us, yes all 3 of us, got on the Yoga mat.  I didn’t even get in a wad as I tried to teach Sammy some warm-up moves and relaxation.  Of all people in this family, he and I need it!  So it was fun exercising with him.  He then went and fetched my exercise ball and his Spider Man bouncy ball so we could sit on and continue our exercise. 

When we finished I used the massager on my shoulders and then Sammy’s.  Ahhh, that felt good.

The other thing SW had brought out was my cross-stitch bag.  It is another symbol of relaxation for me.  I don’t take much time for it at all, but perhaps I need to be willing to pick it up and leave the other stuff that’s always there calling my name.


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