Relinquishing perfectionism

Not only am I on my way to leisure and slowing down the hurry in me. I’m also a recovering perfectionist (GASP!).  So after my earlier post of being probably offered an opportunity to cross-stitch (and I passed it up), I realized I could apply a truth I’d been practicing the last several weeks. 

Here goes.  In the past I thought I needed to have my quiet time “quiet” so to speak – like without kids up.  LIke in the old days.  Those days are gone!  So after attending a Beth Moore simulcast and realizing my need, utter and desperate NEED to be in God’s Word EACH DAY, I’ve chosen to take my coffee on the back patio, with kids, to read my devotional and have a conversation with Father, in the midst of whatever.  This has worked – plus, my kids see me in God’s Word, which is an added benefit.  I can also talk to them about what Mom’s reading/learning/asking and thanking Father for.  This sometimes becomes their devotional time, too.

So, no I realize I can apply that to my cross-stitching!  Or sewing (I recently purchased a sewing machine!).  Kids are now a part of my life and I can’t wait until their grown to pick up the things that are “me” again.  Applying this to x-stitching will take some effort, but it will be worth it.  I can’t wait!  I’ll blog the results as they come in!


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