I did it….I cross-stitched!

Yes!  It seems amazing to me, but I pulled out my cross-stitch bag today and actually CROSS-STITCHED.  50-80 stitches, I’m guessing.  Oh, it felt so good! 

Since mentioning the “Rejoice” Angel pattern I came across yesterday, I realized I had an unfinished project that needed my attention first.  Raphael’s Angels by Leisure Arts – lovely.  I honestly cannot remember how long I’ve been working on this project.  But I was quite surprised when I took it out today how little I had left to do!  Probably another 500 1/2 stitches in the clouds, then those nasty 1/4 stitches for their eyes, then a little backstitching and I’ll have completed a project!  SO, I’m considering setting up a separate blog for my “Chronicles of Cross-stitching” to chart my progress and share my enjoyment of this craft. 

And yes, it was relaxing.  And yes, I find it a very leisurely thing to do with my time!  Yea for me for stopping to do this marvelous craft!


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