Today was the first day of MDO from my kiddos.  I wasn’t concerned too much about Sammy since he was familiar with his teacher from his 2 year old class.  He shed a few tears, but I knew he would be fine.  Sawyer Wayne, on the other hand, hates for Momma to go.  So after leaving him I shed some tears.  He’s so easy – I wonder if I really need to send him to MDO???  And then Sammy’s teacher was all concerned b/c he’d only be coming once a week – that he was going to miss so much!  Then I assured her he would be fine – I’m  holding him out of kindergarten until he’s 6 since he’s a late Summer baby.  Apparently that took a load (albeit unnecessary) off of her.  I’m looking forward to working with Sammy on his alphabet and writing this year, along with bible/scripture memory and character development.  It will be interesting to see what all Father leads us into.  I felt better after checking on my SW – he was doing good, but gets frustrated when they change activities.  The director called and left a message while Tony and I went to have lunch and said his teacher was so proud – he was lying on his mat taking a nap – the nap mat is new for him, so “Yea! For  Sawyer!”  Tony and are about to go pick them up  – Thursday’s after school is treat and park day, as we did before.  It will be a family affair.

Enjoyed hanging out with my Love today and having an uninterrupted conversation with him (actually, several).  All confirming Father’s instructions for the kids to be in MDO once per week. 

I accomplished very little today – but I think that was my plan anyway!


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