No time like the present…

No time like the present to realize there’s not a “perfect” time to shop with pre-schoolers.  If I’d had it my way, we’d been home by lunch time.  I knew we were off shopping today – but had anticipated it would be a short excursion.  My “easy to be with” Sawyer Wayne was not happy at all on our first stop at Old Navy.  My guess is from his pointing, facial expressions, and body language (belly stuck out and chin pulled in – you gotta see it!), he would have preferred to be roaming around the store with his big brother.  He was fairly decent after several reminders that we were doing exactly what we were suppose to be doing and he could choose joy or not.  Yes, this usually does get his attention and he pulls it together.  However, by the end of Old Navy (which was short lived), Sammy had already lost his opportunity for a lolly pop for good behavior – NOT. 

So, off to the mall.  SW still not happy to be in a stroller…so I see the “car” cart you can rent, I think, for $1, so we head back to the car to put the stroller up.  The real deal is it cost $5 to rent.  But they do take debit cards.  After some convincing, SW is good to go.  I did run across some good end of season deals.  But still no shoes for Sammy.  So, Monday he and his daddy get to go shoe shopping.  Say a prayer. 

We ate chick-fil-a and did a little more shopping.  SW had a melt-down on the way out the mall – not sure what that was about, other than it was way past his nap time since he was up at 7:30am.  After driving around the block, I circled back by McAlister’s and got me and my friend (who was next on my to-do list) a sweet tea.  I hung out for 30 minutes relaxing in the peace, drinking my tea, and making a few necessary phone calls.  Sammy had been looking forward to playing with my friend’s son, and they did have a good time. 

But this momma is tired.  I took a relaxing bath and listened to Nora Jones “Come Away with Me” CD – my all-time favorite.  The kids relaxed with their dad and I hoped to be a bit less harried (sp?) by the time I came out.  Somewhat. 

Still learning to enjoy the moments – even when they are difficult!


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