How to make pollen

Yesterday Sammy had taken a 30 minute nap in the car, so I knew nap time for him was over when we got home.  So after getting SW down for a nap, Sammy got to watch the “Bee Movie.”  When I woke up, (did I really fall asleep???), there was powder all over our area rug and coffee table in the living room.  Seeing red.   Sammy knows better than to get stuff out of the bathroom – he’d already been in trouble earlier for this same offense.  Why is this so hard to learn???  I made the mess worse by using the vaccum cleaner, so I had to get the wet/dry vac.  Sammy tried to help, but I finally sent him outside – frustrated to have to wake up from my rest time to this mess.  Really, I can do poopy diapers, barf, body fluids – whatever.  Not moved by that.  But a mess????  I just wasn’t prepared for those.  So Sammy comes back inside with “Mom, I’ve got to tell you something.”  “Yes, Son?” “Mom, I’m really sorry.”  He hugs me and I love back on him.  “Thank you, son, for your apology.  Sammy, you know better than to do this.  What happened?”  “Mom, I just wanted to be a bee and was trying to make some pollen.”  What can a Mom do but melt at the innocent look on a child’s face?  It was then  I knew he didn’t mean to cause such a mess, he wasn’t intending to be mischievious, but in his little but brilliant mind and heart, simply wanted to make pollen.

This Mom gig is truely a work in progress.  With God’s help, may I thrive – and not just survive this season of my life, regardless of what kind of mess I wake up or walk in to!  There’s still a light film of white stuff in my LR.


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