I love yoga

A few weeks ago I had signed up to go here for a yoga basics workshop.  I had been to one in March and was so looking forward to returning.  It is a real treat for me to go b/c of the cost and the gas to get there. 

So why I kept trying to find excuses not to go, is quite surprising!  What’s up with that??  Here were a few:

  1. Do I really need a “Mom’s Time Out?”  Maybe it would be good for me to stay home and we could all go somewhere fun, instead of just spending money on ME!  (I really needed a MTO – how did I know?? I was getting frustrated with SW – the one who throws few kinks in the system in this family!)
  2. I’ll have to get up and get ready (Like, I’m normally up at least by 7:30 since that’s when Sammy gets up – and then I make coffee and get ready…nothing new here)  I was actually up at 6:30 with SW and fell out on the couch until 7:30, when Sammy woke up.
  3. My body hurts this morning in many places, i.e., my lower back, both hips (and going to Yoga will indeed relieve at least 90% if not all of this pain…no excuse, sister).

So, I got up, made coffee (Pumpkin Spice dairy creamer is out!), showered, fixed breakfast and was out the door with only SW crying.   The guys did indeed have a great time together while I was gone, and I came back with a less pain, good mood, and glad to see my family!  No nasty momma today!  Hey, Hey!

I had a great practice today – ahhh.  That’s why my body says.  Ever since I tried yoga (and was consistently practicing several years ago), I’ve known my body LOVES yoga!  So I’m checking here to attend a class this next week, and possibly consider a monthly obligation.  Paula was my first Yoga teacher and has a special place in my heart!  With Tony’s schedule I could easily land there twice per week.  And get this – my Love is going with me for next months workshop!!  We both suffer from sciatica nerve pain (aka “Psychotic” nerve pain) and her workshop is on hip openers.  Wow!  We need that! 

So here’s my dream.  I would so like to be able to teach yoga some day.   There.  I said it.



Well, no excuse for not blogging.  Other than I get in here – start reading my fav blogs, searching for other fav blogs, and I essentially, get “blogged” down! HA!  So it’s my bed time and I toddle off without having written.

These past few weeks I’ve been working hard at working with a grocery budget.  I know things have gone up, but it seems as if my food budget has been way out of whack!  So, this week I’ve planned each meal (b/l/d) and made my list out according to what was needed.  In the process, from my notes last week, I realized I had left-over turkey meatloaf in the freezer!  Boy, was I excited!  I love pulling from the freezer. So tonight we had Quick and Easy Spinach Enchildas with Refried Beans without the Refry.  The beans were a new crock-pot recipe off of Recipezaar.  They are GREAT – even without the 2 T. of minced garlic (which I will add next time – we love garlic, but I was out and had to put them in the CP this AM).  This is what Sammy said when he saw the enchiladas come out of the oven – “Momma, I can’t wait to eat that!  You know why??”  “Cause it looks so yummy!”  Well, of course it does!  It’s got cheese on top – anything with cheese in it has to be good!  Fortunately this time, I comprehended the fact that “Mild” Rotel is less spicy than the “Original” Rotel.  We like spicy, but for SW’s sake, Mild worked much better for him I think.  Sammy ate 4 enchiladas – I had to make him try some beans.  SW at 2 enchiladas and all his beans.  HOpe that doesn’t cause him some trouble during the night!

So, the new bean recipe calls for you to drain and mash the beans for “refried beans.”  No mashing tonight – they were oh-so-good without it and the juice was great!  Monday night we’re having tostados, so I will save the mashing for later.  Tony had to work a late major wreck, so he was glad to have his 3 enchiladas, and surprisingly, there’s 2-3 leftover.  I really appreciate leftovers – especially those that will be eaten!

Today I had the chance to work at our church since it has been a shelter for evacuees from Hurricane Ike.  It was great to be able to contribute in some small way to this group of people.  I got to do laundry duty and visit with a gal I met in college (she was a volunteer also) years ago.  It was time well spent.  I also enjoyed getting to explain to Sammy how I spent my day.  He equates serving others to the story in his bible about Jesus washing the disciples feet.  He is so smart. 

One can only hope there’s some cleaning going on at my house tomorrow.  It has been so pretty outside – who wants to stay in and clean.  Fortunately, I’ve got Sammy to help with the bathrooms since extra chores tomorrow are part of his punishment for something he did today…I can’t remember.  Oh, yes.  He got into the cabinet and emptied out my Stevia while I was resting on the bed.  I’ll post later a photo of what we worked on when the lights went out last Saturday – my effort at positive reinforcement.  I’ll save that for tomorrow.

My kids make me smile.  So does the “big man” – he and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary next Wednesday.

If you’ve never used a chain saw…

We certainly faired well from Hurricane Ike, with the most inconvenience being electricity lost for about 20 hours.  Yard clean-up seemed fairly easy for Dad and the boys this AM – looks like we never had all that tree debris in our yard (we have not trees…).  However, on my “to buy” list in the near future is that battery powered lantern and anything else my emergency preparedness friend, Michelle, would tell me to have.  The kids did great dispite their grumpy mom and dad that showed themselves around bed-time.  (My neighbors tell me we weren’t the only grumpy parents in the neighborhood!)

So I’ve been watching the news to see how the coast and Houston faired, since I am originally from Houston (haven’t been back since moving Mom here back in 2002).  Of course, there is damage in our area.  So the newscaster has said several times “If you’ve never used a chainsaw, now is not the time to start!”  Hillarious at one point – however, necessary info for a person like me who would do whatever needed to remedy a situation.  I’d even be nervous for Tony to have a chainsaw – in fact, I’ve seem him in action with a tree trimmer and was mighty scared.  I think I walked back in the house (after video taping) so I wouldn’t get crazy about telling him how/what to do/not do!  And then there’s the time he tried to help our friends out at their Christmas tree lot – perfect tree (for someone else’s family!) until he cut the wrong limb!! 

Funny saying today from me as I was sitting on the ground playing ball with Sammy and Sawyer outside.  I was trying to get the ball back from SW and meant to say “You ball hogger!”  and “You bog hauller” came out instead!   I laughed!  Being a Mom makes your brain do funny things.

On a serious note, those folks down on the coast are in our prayers.  I can’t believe the devistation.  Praying God would make Himself known to them in their time of need – may they know He is with them, loves them and will help them during this most difficult time.

Movie Day

Last night SW and I went searching for a battery-powered lantern, just incase we lose power.  That is so like me – last minute!  Nothing on the shelves at Walmart and no luck at Academy either.  We’re stuck if they go out.  Praying I can make it fun if it happens! 

So, since I didn’t spend any money on a lantern, I went looking for the first Star Wars movie.  Something I saw recently made me think Sammy might enjoy it.  So we have Star Wars and The Incredibles waiting to be watched with popcorn/candy/”cokie” as Sammy says. 

SW is still asleep!  Must be nice….sweet little baby boy. 

I hope to relax to Star Wars and if they power is still on, do some work during the Incredibles!

The joy of reading

It started sometime last week. Since I was into reading Comfort Food, I would sit in my chair and curl up with my book after dinner.  No tv on.  So then the boys would play, but then sometimes they would grab a book and look at it. Sometimes I would stop and read to them.  Lovely.  Relaxing.  Peaceful.

So today I’m in the kitchen making lunch while on the phone with Mom.  The boys are in their room and it’s been some time since I’ve heard them.  So I peek down the hall – all other doors are closed except to their room, so I go back to talking and making lunch.  Still – no peep from the boys.  It’s been too long.  I can’t imagine what I’ll find.  I’ve seen the worst when Sammy was still in diapers – poop pushed into the carpet.  More than once.  Now there are 2 boys – could it get worse????  I’ve seen shaving cream in Sammy’s bed.  The contents of the closet shelves and Sammy’s clothes dumped onto the floor.  (Some of it’s still there…).  Really – could it get worse?  It’s been too quiet too long.  Glitter – yes, a container of gold glitter (large container) dumped into the carpet.  I know there’s been others. 

So I head down the hall giving Mom a play-by-play.  What do I find???  Two boys sitting with books “reading.”  I back away quietly, not wanting to disturb them.  Ahhh, the beauty of their stillness and interest in books. 

Hurricane Ike could cause us some trouble here, so in a few Sammy and I are headed outside to put away our playthings that are on the patio.  He is such a beautiful helper.  Tony is busy at work – can’t even talk.  Must be swamped b/c of the pending weather.  Taco salad tonight – it’ll be great and easy!

Food, Kids and Reading

So what have I been up to these past few days without blogging?  Well, I’ll hit the highlights in a nutshell, adding a few funnies along the way.

  1. I’ve tried at least 5 new recipes this week.  The first was Asian Fried Rice.  We love Chinese food and have been die-hard Magic China fans since we started dating 16 years ago.  But at $27 a visit (which happens maybe every-other month), it’s good to find a cheap alternate.  Everyone loved this (tried it on the kids first) and then we put it with some store bought egg rolls for a dinner.  All gone.
  2. Rainy Wednesday so I put a movie in after getting chores done thinking I’d get some email/devo writing done.  Nada.  This usually works, but not today.  Grocery shopping after nap time so we wouldn’t be in the rain.  I thought it was a great time to go.  Packed snacks for the kids.  Sammy was a wild man.  While waiting for the checker to finish I told Sammy “Come here and let Momma give you a hug…so I don’t beat you!!!!”  We had a great hug and the urge to string him by his toes in Walmart subsided…until we got to the Granary.  We are all still alive – no bruises or blood. 
  3. I finished Comfort Food – great book.  Probably why I was off in food land trying new recipes.
  4. Relaxed today while kids were at MDO.  Tony and I spent some time together and had lunch at Don Giovani’s (again).  It’s nice having him home during the week since he’s back on patrol. I don’t get much done, but it was one of the perks of him going back to patrol is that we would have some built-in time together while kids were at MDO. We made two soups together and after picking up the kids went shoe shopping for Sammy.  Finally scored some shoes.
  5. Here I am – about to start another book.  All is quiet at my house.  Kitchen is dirty.  Ready to read a few of my favorite bloggers and search for more favorite bloggers.  That’s become part of my reading.
  6. Oh, schooling with Sammy – teaching him to write his letters.  We were on the letter B this week.  School with him takes me to a new level of practicing patience….no, I don’t think I’ll homeschool.  Father, please don’t ask me to homeschool!
  7. I was late getting my devotional in this week for Children’s Teachers.  Honestly, Father had not offered me a time to sit down with it.  Today I get an email for Sunday’s schedule since our church has been asked to be an evacuation shelter.  So, the kids will be with us during worship (4+) so no one will be teaching this week.  I love how he works.  Now I can let go of the guilt of being late.
  8. We’ve spent a lot of evenings outside, usually at the track or tonight we went to the park and I got to ride my bike! Yea!  I love riding my bike!  Sammy enjoyed seeing me ride my bike.  Tony is working this weekend.  If it wasn’t going to come an onslaught of rain, I’d take us hiking at Tyler State Park.  Wild thought.  I’ve enjoyed the blessing of the cooler wind from the previous hurricanes, but it looks like I could get more than a breeze from Ike! 
  9. I visited by phone with a Mom of 4 today.  She has a newborn to a 14 year old.  It was refreshing to be reminded that “this too shall pass” and the wonderful joys of watching them grow into such beautiful people.  It’s great to be a mom.

If anyone reads this, thank you for reading about my “small but significant” life.  I enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts. 


Over many years I’ve been taking a trip to “balance.”  You know, realizing you can’t do it all.  And ALL constitutes many different things. 

So I’m reading Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs.  A great read.  I enjoy books that talk about food and give me recipe ideas – and even better when the recipes are included (they are not in this book – so I do a search on Recipezaar.)  So far I’ve searched for a recipe for Carrot Ginger Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing.  Can’t wait to try it! 

I digress.  Words.  Balance.  In this book the character Oliver, describes “busy, busy, busy as the code word for important.”  This, of course, is a lie but isn’t that what so many people believe?  I know I have in the past.  So Oliver leaves his big time success in the investment world to attend culinary school.  He does this because he’s become someone he didn’t like – nor did anyone else.  Now he’s a nicer guy that’s had a “life makeover” and “worked out a lot of annoyance issues.”  I like that.  Sometimes we begin to think too highly of ourselves when we’re so “busy”, equating that with importance, that we truly forget about how we are interacting with others around us.  Been there.  Done that, too.

So I love his response to Gus (main character) when he seems quite ok to have their days schedule held in “limbo” due to the 3rd party in their group ditching their assignment.  He says “Back then (before his life makeover) I would have decided all the days’ moves long ago.”  (Me – past life; planner, not so flexible at all; feathers ruffled easily; critical of everyone and me being my worst enemy.  Enter 1 child and now 2 – life makeover for me. Flexibility is a must inorder to THRIVE in my motherhood role!)  So Gus says “But now you sit back and let someone else take charge.”  Oliver laughs.  “Wrong again. Now I know when I need to make a decision and when it’s time to let someone else have a turn.  That’s a different thing altogether.” 

Thank you Kate, for putting into words through Oliver, what my learning experience has been over these past 2 years!  I’m still learning – but Praise God I’m learning that I can’t do it all – not suppose to do it all – don’t want to do it all – wasn’t intended to do it all – and for the blessing of letting the other “someones” take their turn!  And because of it, I’m free to do what God intends for me to do – no more and no less.  This honors Him – and takes the focus off of me!

Whew!  I just had to write about this at this late hour!  Now I’m back to reading before my bed time.