Only way to go is up!

Well, today was my highly anticipated effort at beginning to teach my young Sammy his alphabet/counting/writing/bible.  Well, it can only get better from here!  He had been telling me he didn’t want to do school with me, and I kept trying to be positive.  It wasn’t helpful that he woke up in a foul mood that seemed hard for him to shake and that then began to regurgitate on me!  Ugh!  We didn’t die trying – but came close!  His attitude was bad even watching the signing time video that he has loved in the past!  So he got sent to his room.  Shoe shopping with dad even had to be cancelled. Yes, this is the 3rd effort at getting shoes for Sammy.  So I look forward to us trying again on Wednesday.  Trying.   We’ll just keep trying and hope it begins to pan out. 

And for some reason holidays (i.e. Memorial Day and Labor Day) mean grilling burgers to me – or some sort of yummy outdoor food involved.  Fortunately my Love is always up to the task, so he grilled us some great burgers today and we enjoyed being outside for the better part of the morning and lunch time.  Thanks for the wind, Gustav!  I think we’ve put up anything that could blow away. 

I was so delighted when nap time came – I passed out sitting on the couch by my sleeping Sammy.  I’d been up since before 6 and was whipped – or wiped out!  Whichever!  It’s my turn to write devotionals this month for our Children’s Ministry Teachers and I had hoped to do this while Dad and Sammy were shoe shopping; then passed it on to nap time.  Now I’m near my bed time still without it done and only a slight notion of the direction I’m going.  Tomorrow is MDO for the kids since I have ML meeting on Thursday and they’ll be going with me.  I can only pray they do well – in both places! 

But nonetheless, I’m going to breathe.  Breathe.  Deep breath, now.  Sammy said that to me the other day, “Momma, I’m taking a deep breath!” Good for you, son!  You need it!  And so do I!


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