Shhhhh….they’re asleep!

I can’t believe it.  My kids were asleep by 8:15pm.  This is a new record of late.  Today was MDO day for the kids this week.  SW got a nap but much earlier than he’s used to.  He whined about 30 minutes out of every hour since he got home!  Poor kid.  Sammy had a melt down when his dad called him to go take a bath.  No encouraging him that he’d have reading time with mom afterwards would even work, so off to bed they both went!  Ahhh..

Since today was MDO day and Tony was off as well, we spent a small amount of time tackling the office – or rather, “The Hole.”  So frustrating.  At least we got the computer area cleared off and  stuff picked off the floor.  Where does this stuff come from???  We are in serious need of de-cluttering around here.

It was a pleasure to spend quiet time in my kitchen tonight listening to jazz from NPR.  I’m off to bed early tonight since I’m trying to get up earlier and make better use of my time.


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