Starting the day right

Well, it’s been a question of mine “How can I start our day without “Curious George” cartoon?”  Not that cartoons are bad…not that Curious George is bad (just curious!), but I want my kids to have a peaceful routine to starting their day.  So when my Sammy came looking for me this AM – he found me on the back patio with my coffee and bible.  After reading my friend Dana’s blog, I thought “Yes!  This is the perfect time to ask him to get his bible so I can read to him!”  And that’s exactly what we did!  It was lovely and we had time to answer questions.  He’s been curious about Jesus’ disciples, especially why He chose “mean looking Judas”, so we went back over their pictures and names in his bible and read some stories.

School went much better today – with several opportunties for Sammy to learn to follow instructions and for Momma to practice patience.  I’m not sure who’s doing better – but we’re trying!!  I think we both improved.  Our bible story was on attentiveness at home and the story hit right on!  Sometimes I think I’ve missed the boat on teaching him some things…and sometimes I wonder if it’s his personality.  His persistence will serve him well – and knowing what he wants.  By the time we were done with school, he said “Mom, can we do some more school?”  Really, I think he’s just seeing if I’ll take the bait.  That Sammy keeps me on my toes! 

My first Mothers League meeting is tomorrow.  As my ML friend, Terri, said earlier, “Don’t worry!  It’s suppose to be FUN!”  I’m a little more laid back at this stage and don’t expect things to go perfect.  I enjoy the company of these women – they inspire me to be a better woman/wife/mom/friend, etc.  So let’s just pray I fulfill my role by God’s design and let HIM worry about the rest!


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