First meeting and other things

Apparently 5:50am is my designated wake-up time as of late.  I’m choosing to get up and get going without getting an attitude about it!  Sawyer has been sleeping through the night (until about this time…), so that is most helpful.  However, this AM he didn’t go back to sleep and Sammy was “wide eyed and bushy tailed!” as my daddy use to say!  That WASN’T how I wanted to start my day off, however, it’s not about me, it’s about HIM!  So since this was the case, were were able to get clothes put away, beds made, more laundry completed, before we left for our meeting.

Well, we made it through our first meeting of the year for Mothers League.  I’m so glad I’ve learned to chill out and roll with the flow.  Last minute changes had to be made due to construction at our new meeting location.  No biggie; I thought it was a great area to meet.  Our guest speaker was wonderful.  She shared some spiritual truths while working with a pottery wheel.  While we were busy trying to get started (first meetings alwasy present some kindof snag!) she started playing the piano.  What peace and calmness that brought to me.  Love being with these women.  We are getting ML business cards to share/invite other mom’s we meet.  We’ve also started a yahoo group so folks don’t get lost in the email shuffle.  All good things.  We’re off to a good start.  I think the rain kept some away that we were expecting. 

Speaking of weather – so glad to see the sun this afternoon!  Usually I notice that the sun hasn’t been out in a few days and it plays into my mood.  However, I didn’t notice it this time.  Must be cause I’m always busy with the kids!  Even with the dreary weather we’ve spend some time on our covered back patio with sidewalk chalk and playing ball. 

Me and the kids hit the library after dinner.  I picked up two books to try.  I really want to read a new book that is out, “Shadow of Colossus” but I’m unwilling to fork out the money right now.  Then we hit the park close to dark – wanted to help the kids expel that energy so they’d be ready for bed!  Plus, I needed a little space myself to walk/relax/sit in the swing (even if only briefly…)

Surprising answer to pray came today – I mean a bleak request is what I made.  I enjoy being outside (once it cools off) and was telling Father it would be nice to have some free tickets to some football games.  Tony tells me tonight that he’s been handed 4 passes for Kilgore College football AND basketball games.  Wootty Hootty Hooty!  I meant High School football games, but I’m willing to gratefully accept any gift my Heavenly Father offers me!  He is ssooooooo soooooooo good!

I’m glad to have my first LML meeting behind me.  Our new chaplain did a wonderful job (this is the position I had last year, and would rather have, if Father had not asked me to be president). 

Sammy is off to MeMe’s tomorrow.  Not sure what SW and I will get into.  Very little.  I’m off to read.


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