Well, I left my Thursday blog with Sammy visiting his MeMe on Friday and Sawyer Wayne and I getting into very little.  That’s exactly what we did.  Sammy and I finished chores yesterday morning and headed for his adventures with MeMe. 

SW and I went to Synergy Park (now it has a sign that says “Elder Park”) and instead of putting SW in a stroller, he and I strolled on foot together.   This was indeed a stroll, as when we left the concrete and got on the crunchy rock trail, SW held my hand the rest of the way.  So beautiful to take this quiet walk with my youngest and enjoy nature together.  He was quiet the whole time, except with I said “I hope you’re enjoying this as much as Momma is.”  Then he smiled up at me and gave me his wordless but lovely reply “hmmm.”  Afterwards we went to my favorite coffee shop, goodday books and coffee – love this place.  I could tell SW liked it too – I got my Chai Latte and SW an ice water, a cinnamon muffin top for a snack, and headed to the back patio.  Lovely.  Peaceful.  Relaxing.  So my SW climbs up in his chair and we share a muffin top and drink our drinks.  I’m reminded not to leave home without my camera – I could have snapped a beautiful photo of him bending down to the straw to drink his water I’d sat inbetween his legs.  I tell SW “You’ve got this relax thing down – Momma has to work at it (so does Sammy!).”  It is wonderful enjoying my latte and the outdoors with him.  He sits longer than I expect and doesn’t wander far when he’s finished with his snack.  We’ll be doing this again together!!

Stop at Brookshires was necessary and then we head home for lunch.  SW gets to spend some one-on-one time with Dad and he reads him a bible story before nap time.  I get to finally put my mom’s photos on a disk and go read and nap.  Tony heads out the door for an hour of bank security and SW and I head to pick up Sammy and visit with Mom.

The evening adventure begins.  We head to Tyler for the Firefighter Challenge.  I thought Sammy would enjoy this and I was right!!  SW just soaks it in without a word!  We got to see these men compete through an obstacle course.  How inspiring!  A 55 year old man had the best time – he’s competed for many years.  Before we left I think 2 guys had beat his record by 2 seconds.  We left here to go to Fat Catz – a cajun restaurant we’d been introduced to by friends.  I’d purchased 1/2 price certificate on the web at KLTV.  We enjoyed a wonderful meal that included Fried Pickles – the boys loved ’em!!  I would have rather had the Fried Jalapenos – but I certainly ate my share of the pickles!  Tony and I both had the shrimp tacos – Excellent!  And the meal was concluded with live jazz/blues music.  My Sammy got up and started dancing and SW, of course, had is head going.  Ahhhh….so relaxing.  I had asked Father for an enjoyable family time tonight, and indeed, He granted it!

The night ended late (kids were asleep by 11:15) and Tony and I were able to catch Chris Matthews on Jay Leno and do some reading.  Tony’s reading a book about Tim Russert and his Dad and I’m reading….Comfort Food and preparing for my accountability group that starts Sunday. 

Kids are up WAY TOO early!  But hey – yesterday we slept in until 8 (after my week of 5:50am wake-up call!) so 7am ain’t so bad!


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