Over many years I’ve been taking a trip to “balance.”  You know, realizing you can’t do it all.  And ALL constitutes many different things. 

So I’m reading Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs.  A great read.  I enjoy books that talk about food and give me recipe ideas – and even better when the recipes are included (they are not in this book – so I do a search on Recipezaar.)  So far I’ve searched for a recipe for Carrot Ginger Cake with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing.  Can’t wait to try it! 

I digress.  Words.  Balance.  In this book the character Oliver, describes “busy, busy, busy as the code word for important.”  This, of course, is a lie but isn’t that what so many people believe?  I know I have in the past.  So Oliver leaves his big time success in the investment world to attend culinary school.  He does this because he’s become someone he didn’t like – nor did anyone else.  Now he’s a nicer guy that’s had a “life makeover” and “worked out a lot of annoyance issues.”  I like that.  Sometimes we begin to think too highly of ourselves when we’re so “busy”, equating that with importance, that we truly forget about how we are interacting with others around us.  Been there.  Done that, too.

So I love his response to Gus (main character) when he seems quite ok to have their days schedule held in “limbo” due to the 3rd party in their group ditching their assignment.  He says “Back then (before his life makeover) I would have decided all the days’ moves long ago.”  (Me – past life; planner, not so flexible at all; feathers ruffled easily; critical of everyone and me being my worst enemy.  Enter 1 child and now 2 – life makeover for me. Flexibility is a must inorder to THRIVE in my motherhood role!)  So Gus says “But now you sit back and let someone else take charge.”  Oliver laughs.  “Wrong again. Now I know when I need to make a decision and when it’s time to let someone else have a turn.  That’s a different thing altogether.” 

Thank you Kate, for putting into words through Oliver, what my learning experience has been over these past 2 years!  I’m still learning – but Praise God I’m learning that I can’t do it all – not suppose to do it all – don’t want to do it all – wasn’t intended to do it all – and for the blessing of letting the other “someones” take their turn!  And because of it, I’m free to do what God intends for me to do – no more and no less.  This honors Him – and takes the focus off of me!

Whew!  I just had to write about this at this late hour!  Now I’m back to reading before my bed time.


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