Funny translation

I’m a recovering perfectionist/control freak/worrier.  And since having kids, I’ve really had to back off of those 3 things lest we become consumed by it!  So the other day we were heading off to the library and I had asked Sammy to go put on a clean shirt.  So he digs into the mess he’s created in his closet (which includes clothes he’s pulled off the top shelf for storage and had also taken down the pole that the clothes hang on so he could have another “sword”).  He comes to me with this long-sleeve fleece/hoodie garment.  And I tell him, “Son, it’s too hot to wear that right now.  You’re going to be uncomfortable.”  (B/c I also knew I was going to the park to run off their energy after the library).  He tells me with this look he gets when he’s trying to be a big boy, “Mom, I’m not gonna fight about this deal. Just help me put it on.  I’m  not gonna fight about this deal.”  I could barely contain my laughter!  When do I say “not gonna fight about this deal?”  So I tell him, “Good idea, son.  Let’s put it on.”  Later I realize “not gonna fight about this deal” was his ears interpretation of what I say when “I’m not gonna die on this hill.”  Sammy gives me plenty of opportunities to choose which hill to die on – and rightly so, at that point, what he chose to wear was not a “hill worth dying on.” Love that kid.

Last night Daddy was reading a pirate book to the boys before bed time.  Sammy’s got the pirate “Argh!” sound down the best.  But dad was doing well, too.  Then Sawyer Wayne chimed in with his own growl, trying to immitate dad. It was great!  He would check me out across the room in the rocking chair everytime he did it ’cause I would laugh.  Cute kid. 

We’re blessed with these boys.  They’ve changed our lives for the better in so many ways.


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