Food, Kids and Reading

So what have I been up to these past few days without blogging?  Well, I’ll hit the highlights in a nutshell, adding a few funnies along the way.

  1. I’ve tried at least 5 new recipes this week.  The first was Asian Fried Rice.  We love Chinese food and have been die-hard Magic China fans since we started dating 16 years ago.  But at $27 a visit (which happens maybe every-other month), it’s good to find a cheap alternate.  Everyone loved this (tried it on the kids first) and then we put it with some store bought egg rolls for a dinner.  All gone.
  2. Rainy Wednesday so I put a movie in after getting chores done thinking I’d get some email/devo writing done.  Nada.  This usually works, but not today.  Grocery shopping after nap time so we wouldn’t be in the rain.  I thought it was a great time to go.  Packed snacks for the kids.  Sammy was a wild man.  While waiting for the checker to finish I told Sammy “Come here and let Momma give you a hug…so I don’t beat you!!!!”  We had a great hug and the urge to string him by his toes in Walmart subsided…until we got to the Granary.  We are all still alive – no bruises or blood. 
  3. I finished Comfort Food – great book.  Probably why I was off in food land trying new recipes.
  4. Relaxed today while kids were at MDO.  Tony and I spent some time together and had lunch at Don Giovani’s (again).  It’s nice having him home during the week since he’s back on patrol. I don’t get much done, but it was one of the perks of him going back to patrol is that we would have some built-in time together while kids were at MDO. We made two soups together and after picking up the kids went shoe shopping for Sammy.  Finally scored some shoes.
  5. Here I am – about to start another book.  All is quiet at my house.  Kitchen is dirty.  Ready to read a few of my favorite bloggers and search for more favorite bloggers.  That’s become part of my reading.
  6. Oh, schooling with Sammy – teaching him to write his letters.  We were on the letter B this week.  School with him takes me to a new level of practicing patience….no, I don’t think I’ll homeschool.  Father, please don’t ask me to homeschool!
  7. I was late getting my devotional in this week for Children’s Teachers.  Honestly, Father had not offered me a time to sit down with it.  Today I get an email for Sunday’s schedule since our church has been asked to be an evacuation shelter.  So, the kids will be with us during worship (4+) so no one will be teaching this week.  I love how he works.  Now I can let go of the guilt of being late.
  8. We’ve spent a lot of evenings outside, usually at the track or tonight we went to the park and I got to ride my bike! Yea!  I love riding my bike!  Sammy enjoyed seeing me ride my bike.  Tony is working this weekend.  If it wasn’t going to come an onslaught of rain, I’d take us hiking at Tyler State Park.  Wild thought.  I’ve enjoyed the blessing of the cooler wind from the previous hurricanes, but it looks like I could get more than a breeze from Ike! 
  9. I visited by phone with a Mom of 4 today.  She has a newborn to a 14 year old.  It was refreshing to be reminded that “this too shall pass” and the wonderful joys of watching them grow into such beautiful people.  It’s great to be a mom.

If anyone reads this, thank you for reading about my “small but significant” life.  I enjoy blogging and sharing my thoughts. 


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