The joy of reading

It started sometime last week. Since I was into reading Comfort Food, I would sit in my chair and curl up with my book after dinner.  No tv on.  So then the boys would play, but then sometimes they would grab a book and look at it. Sometimes I would stop and read to them.  Lovely.  Relaxing.  Peaceful.

So today I’m in the kitchen making lunch while on the phone with Mom.  The boys are in their room and it’s been some time since I’ve heard them.  So I peek down the hall – all other doors are closed except to their room, so I go back to talking and making lunch.  Still – no peep from the boys.  It’s been too long.  I can’t imagine what I’ll find.  I’ve seen the worst when Sammy was still in diapers – poop pushed into the carpet.  More than once.  Now there are 2 boys – could it get worse????  I’ve seen shaving cream in Sammy’s bed.  The contents of the closet shelves and Sammy’s clothes dumped onto the floor.  (Some of it’s still there…).  Really – could it get worse?  It’s been too quiet too long.  Glitter – yes, a container of gold glitter (large container) dumped into the carpet.  I know there’s been others. 

So I head down the hall giving Mom a play-by-play.  What do I find???  Two boys sitting with books “reading.”  I back away quietly, not wanting to disturb them.  Ahhh, the beauty of their stillness and interest in books. 

Hurricane Ike could cause us some trouble here, so in a few Sammy and I are headed outside to put away our playthings that are on the patio.  He is such a beautiful helper.  Tony is busy at work – can’t even talk.  Must be swamped b/c of the pending weather.  Taco salad tonight – it’ll be great and easy!


One thought on “The joy of reading

  1. That’s great! I get that same eerie feeling when it’s quiet and I know the boys are awake. Most of the time if it’s quiet, there’s trouble.

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