If you’ve never used a chain saw…

We certainly faired well from Hurricane Ike, with the most inconvenience being electricity lost for about 20 hours.  Yard clean-up seemed fairly easy for Dad and the boys this AM – looks like we never had all that tree debris in our yard (we have not trees…).  However, on my “to buy” list in the near future is that battery powered lantern and anything else my emergency preparedness friend, Michelle, would tell me to have.  The kids did great dispite their grumpy mom and dad that showed themselves around bed-time.  (My neighbors tell me we weren’t the only grumpy parents in the neighborhood!)

So I’ve been watching the news to see how the coast and Houston faired, since I am originally from Houston (haven’t been back since moving Mom here back in 2002).  Of course, there is damage in our area.  So the newscaster has said several times “If you’ve never used a chainsaw, now is not the time to start!”  Hillarious at one point – however, necessary info for a person like me who would do whatever needed to remedy a situation.  I’d even be nervous for Tony to have a chainsaw – in fact, I’ve seem him in action with a tree trimmer and was mighty scared.  I think I walked back in the house (after video taping) so I wouldn’t get crazy about telling him how/what to do/not do!  And then there’s the time he tried to help our friends out at their Christmas tree lot – perfect tree (for someone else’s family!) until he cut the wrong limb!! 

Funny saying today from me as I was sitting on the ground playing ball with Sammy and Sawyer outside.  I was trying to get the ball back from SW and meant to say “You ball hogger!”  and “You bog hauller” came out instead!   I laughed!  Being a Mom makes your brain do funny things.

On a serious note, those folks down on the coast are in our prayers.  I can’t believe the devistation.  Praying God would make Himself known to them in their time of need – may they know He is with them, loves them and will help them during this most difficult time.


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