Well, no excuse for not blogging.  Other than I get in here – start reading my fav blogs, searching for other fav blogs, and I essentially, get “blogged” down! HA!  So it’s my bed time and I toddle off without having written.

These past few weeks I’ve been working hard at working with a grocery budget.  I know things have gone up, but it seems as if my food budget has been way out of whack!  So, this week I’ve planned each meal (b/l/d) and made my list out according to what was needed.  In the process, from my notes last week, I realized I had left-over turkey meatloaf in the freezer!  Boy, was I excited!  I love pulling from the freezer. So tonight we had Quick and Easy Spinach Enchildas with Refried Beans without the Refry.  The beans were a new crock-pot recipe off of Recipezaar.  They are GREAT – even without the 2 T. of minced garlic (which I will add next time – we love garlic, but I was out and had to put them in the CP this AM).  This is what Sammy said when he saw the enchiladas come out of the oven – “Momma, I can’t wait to eat that!  You know why??”  “Cause it looks so yummy!”  Well, of course it does!  It’s got cheese on top – anything with cheese in it has to be good!  Fortunately this time, I comprehended the fact that “Mild” Rotel is less spicy than the “Original” Rotel.  We like spicy, but for SW’s sake, Mild worked much better for him I think.  Sammy ate 4 enchiladas – I had to make him try some beans.  SW at 2 enchiladas and all his beans.  HOpe that doesn’t cause him some trouble during the night!

So, the new bean recipe calls for you to drain and mash the beans for “refried beans.”  No mashing tonight – they were oh-so-good without it and the juice was great!  Monday night we’re having tostados, so I will save the mashing for later.  Tony had to work a late major wreck, so he was glad to have his 3 enchiladas, and surprisingly, there’s 2-3 leftover.  I really appreciate leftovers – especially those that will be eaten!

Today I had the chance to work at our church since it has been a shelter for evacuees from Hurricane Ike.  It was great to be able to contribute in some small way to this group of people.  I got to do laundry duty and visit with a gal I met in college (she was a volunteer also) years ago.  It was time well spent.  I also enjoyed getting to explain to Sammy how I spent my day.  He equates serving others to the story in his bible about Jesus washing the disciples feet.  He is so smart. 

One can only hope there’s some cleaning going on at my house tomorrow.  It has been so pretty outside – who wants to stay in and clean.  Fortunately, I’ve got Sammy to help with the bathrooms since extra chores tomorrow are part of his punishment for something he did today…I can’t remember.  Oh, yes.  He got into the cabinet and emptied out my Stevia while I was resting on the bed.  I’ll post later a photo of what we worked on when the lights went out last Saturday – my effort at positive reinforcement.  I’ll save that for tomorrow.

My kids make me smile.  So does the “big man” – he and I will celebrate our 14th anniversary next Wednesday.


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