I love yoga

A few weeks ago I had signed up to go here for a yoga basics workshop.  I had been to one in March and was so looking forward to returning.  It is a real treat for me to go b/c of the cost and the gas to get there. 

So why I kept trying to find excuses not to go, is quite surprising!  What’s up with that??  Here were a few:

  1. Do I really need a “Mom’s Time Out?”  Maybe it would be good for me to stay home and we could all go somewhere fun, instead of just spending money on ME!  (I really needed a MTO – how did I know?? I was getting frustrated with SW – the one who throws few kinks in the system in this family!)
  2. I’ll have to get up and get ready (Like, I’m normally up at least by 7:30 since that’s when Sammy gets up – and then I make coffee and get ready…nothing new here)  I was actually up at 6:30 with SW and fell out on the couch until 7:30, when Sammy woke up.
  3. My body hurts this morning in many places, i.e., my lower back, both hips (and going to Yoga will indeed relieve at least 90% if not all of this pain…no excuse, sister).

So, I got up, made coffee (Pumpkin Spice dairy creamer is out!), showered, fixed breakfast and was out the door with only SW crying.   The guys did indeed have a great time together while I was gone, and I came back with a less pain, good mood, and glad to see my family!  No nasty momma today!  Hey, Hey!

I had a great practice today – ahhh.  That’s why my body says.  Ever since I tried yoga (and was consistently practicing several years ago), I’ve known my body LOVES yoga!  So I’m checking here to attend a class this next week, and possibly consider a monthly obligation.  Paula was my first Yoga teacher and has a special place in my heart!  With Tony’s schedule I could easily land there twice per week.  And get this – my Love is going with me for next months workshop!!  We both suffer from sciatica nerve pain (aka “Psychotic” nerve pain) and her workshop is on hip openers.  Wow!  We need that! 

So here’s my dream.  I would so like to be able to teach yoga some day.   There.  I said it.


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