Here I am!

It’s been forever since I blogged.  I gave up blogging for 40 days as our church prayed and sought God together by “fasting” and giving up various things.  Mine was my time on the computer.  I had offered that sacrifice to spend that specific amount of time with Father seeking Him – sometimes I was faithful and sometimes I wasn’t.  So glad His faithfulness is and always will be complete.  Anyhow, our 40 days of prayer and fasting was to seek God individually, as a family, and for our church as we enter into the largest building program we’ve encountered.  If you go to the web site you’ll see the proposed building.  Wow!  So our family came to a figure to commit over the next 3 years that is to us, beyond our ability.  That is exciting and frightening.  I can’t wait to see God pull it off!  Because our finances are fairly tight since I’m a SAHM, there was little to financially sacrifice.  Except my weekly Mother’s Day Out for the boys.  Yes.  Father offered the thought to sacrifice that and give the money monthly to our building fund.  So, after talking with Tony and continued prayer, Father gave me peace about the sacrifice that I would offer.  And now, I’m looking forward to January and expecting to see Father provide for me – and my boys – in beautiful and delightful ways.  I would say He already has, as my heart is thrilled, although on difficult days, a little afraid – yet trusting Him. 

Also, instead of sending Samuel to a weekly pre-school next year as I had anticipated, I will be his pre-school teacher.  And on most days, I’m quite thrilled about this also.  He and I have dabbled in “school” time here at home.  I say dabbled b/c I get tired of fighting him on his attitude about “school” time.  So yesterday, surely only by God’s divine hand, I went through the “back door” so to speak.  After nap time/snack/few chores we took a break on the couch and worked through alphabet flash cards, saying our ABC’s and counting.  It was wonderfully fun and a breeze! 

Thanks to Dana’s blog (Mommy Madness), we have set up our first Jesse Tree.  It looks lovely and I hope to post picks later.  I would have loved to have felt symbols (Dana’s are so pretty and colorful), but since I’m a last minute gal, ours are printed from the computer/colored by Sammy/taped to construction paper/biblical character and scripture reading on back/laminated/hole-punched and hung by fishing line.  Perhaps next year we’ll have felt symbols. 

The kids and I went to the Kilgore Christmas parade tonight and had a wondeful time – up until “Snowman” Sammy melted.  He’s still melting.  That’s why his Christmas character to me is a Snowman – great fun but when he melts, it gets everywhere and it’s a mess!  Sawyer, on the other hand, is a reindeer – fun and easy going.  It takes all kinds. 

Well, plenty more to say, but that’s it for now.


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