Happy Day

Yesterday I stayed home except for a quick run to Brookshires (the little store, as Sammy calls it) for dinner.  I had to redeem myself with some wonderful spaghetti that my entire family loves!  My left overs weren’t so great the night before, but it was food. 

We have been out of the house every morning this past week, and now that I think about it for many days prior to that as well, since we had Snacks and snapshots with Santa on the 22nd.  I am pretty much a homebody now since having SW, so that’s a lot for me to be out.  Plus that means my work at home doesn’t get done.  Plus, I’ve been staying up late and getting up earlier.  I crater in the late afternoon and am glad for nap time!  And it would be lovely if I could work during nap time instead of crater so that I could catch up.  Oh, well.  As my mom tells me when I start worrying about all the things to be done, she says it will be there tomorrow.  And it is.

This morning we are expected at a birthday party.  I’ve haggled with myself over going, as I would love to stay home, but I also need to use a great coupon from Michaels to purchase some frames and perhaps even make a run to Sam’s for my favorite juice boxes for the kids and whatever else I can find.  So we may find ourselves at a 2nd birthday party in the afternoon if we are not give out.  All that to say, I gotta get movin’!  And I’m hoping I can call the birthday girls Mom and see if I can cruise through a drive thru for a gift card to McDonalds or Chick-fil-a.  It’s at a park, so it will be good to be utside!



Well, we ended up being out ALL DAY.  Yikes!  That wasn’t my plan, but I had to make a trip back to the house for the extra coupon for 25% more off on Michael’s.  Although it was a great deal, it was apparently 25% off AFTER 40%, so it was an entire 65% off the frame price as I had hoped.  But anyhow, at least the frames are purchased for some Christmas gifts and projects. 

Sawyer and Buster
Sawyer and Buster

This is what Sammy said to convince me to go to Chick-fil-a for lunch around 2pm – “Mom, you could sit down and rest while we played!”  That got me there.  And it was nice to sit.  Being at the BD party this morning at the park wasn’t as easy as I’d anticipated.  Keeping an eye on both boys was a bit challenging and SW needs my presence more than Sammy, who had a play-friend.  They enjoyed a great time with a large trained dog, Buster.  I think I might enjoy a large dog if it was trained like that!  We’ve just gotten home after carting around in Sam’s – crowded and kids tired so that was kindof challenging.  Oh, well.  We are glad to be home.  It’s left-overs for everyone tonight and early to bed unless Tony’s able to get me one of the two movies I asked for.


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